Review: Viva la Papa Organic Potato Chips from Peru

I am no potato chip connoisseur. In fact, I don’t like potato chips. But if I am ever caught munching on some, it is probably Pringles, original flavour. Yup. Terribly unoriginal and utterly boring.

When Viva La Papa approached me to review their artisan potato chips, I curiously wondered what organic potato chips look and taste like.

Viva La Papa is a brand of gourmet, artisan potato chips made from organically-harvested Peruvian potatoes. Cooked in small batches by hand, these chips are mixed with complimentary spices to enhance the natural potato flavour. Everything about this product is Peruvian – the ingredients, the way the chips are cooked and the packaging. Each potato bag features a beautiful black-and-white photo capturing a celebratory moment of life on a Peruvian potato farm.

Viva La Papa has 5 flavours of potato chips: Andean Pink Salt, Andean Native, Anticucho BBQ, Chillies & Lime and Exotic Sweet Potatoes.

To help me with this review, I got a few people together and had a little potato chip tasting party. Here is our unanimous opinion on these gourmet potato chips.


Andean Pink Salt Potato Chips
These original chips are made from freshly harvested potatoes that have been given a scrub, sliced and hand-cooked with their skin on in kettles. Each slice of chip has a good thickness, and is lightly and evenly salted. After munching on a few pieces, my husband said ‘Surprisingly, it doesn’t leave you gasping for something to drink‘. I could taste the natural flavour of potato with every bite. This is my personal favourite. And Alaina’s too (my kiddie model for this review as seen in the photos).
Features: Gluten-free, No Trans Fat, No GMO, Kosher and suitable for Vegetarians. 


Andean Native Potato Chips
There are thousands of potato varieties grown in Peru. Andean Native variety is harvested in the Andes; each with its own unique colour that naturally highlights its high-antioxidant qualities. Although smaller in chip size, the beautiful mix of purple and pink make these potato chips a visually appealing blend. If I had to compare, the pink chips seem to taste slightly sweeter than the purple chips. These chips have a cornier, heavier texture and taste; yet delicately shaved and ever-so-lightly salted. It does not taste processed and makes for pleasant snacking.
Features: Gluten-free, No Trans Fat, No GMO, Kosher and suitable for Vegetarians. 


Exotic Sweet Potato Chips
These potatoes are harvested in farms that lie in a lush valley south of Lima called Canete. Farmers here are famous for their delicious sweet potato varieties. One bite and you will know these chips are definitely sweeter than the other varieties; snacking on them is like having a mouthful of mashed sweet potatoes. If you are a sweet potato fan, this is it. Once again, this is a visually pleasing mix of orange and purple chips. This is my group’s favourite.
Features: Gluten-free, No Trans Fat, No GMO, Kosher and suitable for Vegetarians. 


Chilles & Lime Potato Chips
Fresh chillies and lime are key ingredients in a Peruvian kitchen. So it is no wonder that this simple and delicious flavour is popular with the locals. Blended with a variety of spices such as tomato, garlic, onion and dried bell peppers, I found this flavour interesting because there is a distinct yet subtle lime bite. It is also delicately spiced which sneaks up on the palette, without being overbearing. I can taste the natural potato flavour underneath the seasoning.
Features: Gluten-free, No Trans Fat, No GMO and suitable for Vegetarians. 


Anticucho BBQ Potato Chips
Anticucho is the Peruvian word for bar-be-que (BBQ). One bite of this chip reminds me of eating a meat lover’s pizza. It is smoky with hints of chilli, tomato and oregano. I am not a fan of BBQ flavoured chips, but I can say, the BBQ flavour is not as overpowering as most.
Features: No Trans Fat, No GMO and suitable for Vegetarians. 


Snacking with a cause. Every bag of Viva La Papa potato chips sold makes a contribution to Amantani, a charity organisation setup to provide schooling and boarding houses for underprivileged children in remote Andean regions.

These potato chips are available in Singapore and sold at the following retailers: Real Food Grocer, SPRMRKT, The American Club, Swiss Butchery, Foodology, Conrad Centennial Singapore and Food Advisory.

A small 42g bag retails for $3, and large 142g bag retails for $6.50.


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Editor's Rating

Freshness 8.0
Flavour 8.0
Visually pleasing chips that are healthy and tasty.
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