Review: Thomas Chipman Beetroot Chips

Not long ago, I was at NTUC Fairprice Finest and saw these red bags of chips on sale: Buy 1-get-1. I love beetroot so it didn’t take me long to grab two packets. Some people might not like the earthy flavor of beetroot but I love it; and I was curious what beetroot chips would taste like.

Thomas Chipman is one of Australia’s largest certified organic and certified gluten-free chip company. When it comes to chip making, Thomas Chipman is creative. They have everything from the original corn chips, rosemary thyme potato chips to beetroot and parsnip chips.  A closer look at Thomas Chipman chips show that they are all:

* 100% certified organic
* 100% gluten-free
* Nut free
* No added MSG or wheat
* No artificial color or flavoring
* Made from organically grown produce
* Made with non-GMO and pesticide free ingredients
* Made with certified organic palm olein oil


I tried my Thomas Chipman Beetroot Chips as a snack. These chips are thinly sliced, barely-there salted and have a fantastic crunch. If you love beetroot, you will absolutely love these! There is a mild earthly taste that is, lack of a better word, beetroot sweet. It taste as if you cut a super thin slice of fresh beetroot and roasted it bone dry sealing in all the sweetness. All I can say is one bag is not enough! After inhaling an entire bag (which is a small 75g), I do not have a heavy, greasy feeling in the belly. It actually feels….healthy.

It has been some weeks since I had these chips and I am still thinking about them. There’s a couple of things I would like to point out:

1. You have been warned: This is highly addictive! One bag is seriously not enough.
2. It colors your tongue a reddish purple. How the dried beetroot still oozes its nutritious juice beats me. But it does.
3. It is not cheap. A 75g bag (that kinda feels like all of nothing much but air) cost a whopping $5.70.

If I ever were to treat myself and splurge on something, this would be it. It is worth every cent.

Editor's Rating

Crunchiness & Texture 10.0
Taste 10.0
Bang for Buck 10.0
Best beetroot chips ever.
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