Review: Silk Pure Almond Milk

Did you know that 90% to 100% of East Asians, and close to 80% of Central Asians, are lactose intolerant?

To be lactose intolerant is to be unable to digest milk sugars, a common disorder caused by the deficiency of the lactase enzyme in the digestive system.

Lucky for me, I don’t like drinking cow’s milk. Rather, I love soyabean milk that you get at the markets. Often, they are served with a spoonful of sugar syrup and a lot of ice. But after my story on The Benefits of Almond Milk, I decided to stop drinking soyabean milk for a while. Instead, I got a carton of almond milk to try.

Local supermarket chain, Cold Storage stocks a wide variety of almond milk brands. Bearing in mind that brands such as NutriSoy’s Almond Soy milk costs $2.05 per carton, Silk’s Original Pure Almond Milk stood out from the crowd costing a whopping $15.95! And of course being the sucker that I am, I went for the most expensive choice.

And while I have read a lot of people raving about Silk’s Pure Almond Milk, I am not one of them.

Yes, it says 50% more calcium than milk,  has only 60 calories per cup, zero cholesterol and saturated fat and contains over 50% of our daily intake of Vitamin E. The fact remains, it almost made me gag.

For my first go, I drank the almond milk straight from the glass. Compared to normal cow’s milk, it is creamier, saltier and quite nutty in flavor. I found it hard to swallow and ingest. If you like salty creamy nuts, you might like this. Or if you are making milkshakes or smoothies, I can see how this milk may work.

I do have to say though, it is an acquired taste.

Made from natural almonds (stated on the label as almonds that were not genetically engineered – hence the crazy price point), Silk’s Almond Milk Original has over 150gm of sodium! This is compared to Silk’s Original Soy Milk that contains 100gm of sodium, and Silk’s Original Coconut Milk that contains 30mg of sodium. No wonder the almond milk is saltier to taste.  

Calories-wise, almond milk is the best choice at 60 calories per cup. Soy milk is the highest with 90 calories per cup, and coconut milk contains 80 calories per cup. 

Unfortunately, the savings in calories is not enough for me to drink another cup of almond milk ever. Especially not Silk’s Original Pure Almond Milk.

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I am not a fan of almond milk
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