Review: Aesop Tacit

A scent that took 10 years in the making has finally hit the stores. Aesop’s Tacit is a contemporary interpretation of classical colognes for both men and women. More importantly, one that women can wear confidently as her own without giving others the idea that she may have spritzed on her man’s cologne.

I love wearing perfume but I am painfully selective. I used to work at a departmental store serving at the cosmetics counter. Every work shift, customers would happily test our perfume on display. A little spray here. A little spray there. In no time, the surrounding air would linger heavily with a mishmash of highly concentrated perfume. I was scarred. But the experience allowed me to quickly discover what appealed to my nose and what doesn’t.

I stay (very far) away from strong, floral, sharp and spicy scents. I prefer the woody, leathery notes in colognes made for men. And yes, needless to say, I end up smelling like one.

When I was asked to review this, I wasted no time to look at its formulation. The absence of the usual floral suspects got my attention. Instead, the formulation is rather botantical. The three key ingredients of this scent are Vetiver (from Haiti), Yuzu (from East Asia) and Basil (from Eqypt).

This is the first time Basil Grand Vert (a robust, large-leaved basil widely planted in France) is used in scent formulation. Rooted on two avenues of inspirations, Tacit takes fresh notes from traditional colognes and combines it with the culture, topography and vegetation of the Mediterranean Coast. Unlike Aesop’s first perfume, Marrakech, which is heavier and more masculine with a stronger woody scent (thanks to sandalwood), Tacit leans more towards citrusy and earthy notes that women can wear confidently.


Spain’s Mediterranean coastline

I tried Tacit for a week. I have to say, at first spritz, Tacit smells fresh and crisp. Almost…’vegetative’ for lack of a better word. As Tacit settles into my skin, the yuzu citrusy notes lends into a warm delicate scent that instantly reminds me of an early morning walk in the woods mixed with the salty air of sea breeze. If the photo of the above mediterranean coastline had a smell, it would smell like Tacit.

As a green scent, Tacit has tremendous staying power. I spray once in the morning before going to work and maybe again in the evening if I’m having a night out. A few sprays can last up to 3/4 of the day. I have seriously fallen in love with this eau de parfum since I started wearing it.

This unisex fragrance is created by perfumer Celine Barel. She is a young, talented French perfumer who loves working with contradictions and difficult materials. Some of her previous perfumed creations include Signature Story for Him by David Beckham, I Loewe You Tonight by Loewe and Norell New York by Baccarat 2015 limited edition – which cost a whopping usd$1,500 a bottle).

Tacit by Aesop is one of her latest creation and testament to her talent. This perfume is perfect for both men and women, especially for women who love to wear men’s cologne minus the muskiness. If you already love Aesop’s botanical elements, you will most definitely love this too.


Celine Barel, Perfumer


One 150ml bottle of Tacit eau de parfum is $135, available online and at all Aesop outlets.

Aesop Ngee Ann City
391B Orchard Road
#B1-50 Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238872

Aesop Suntec City 
3 Temasek Boulevard
#01-335 Suntec City
Singapore 038983

Aesop Club Street
52 Club Street
Singapore 069429

Aesop Capitol Piazza               

13 Stamford Road
#01-11 Capitol Piazza
Singapore 178905

Aesop Westgate    
3 Gateway Drive
#01-27 Westgate
Singapore 608532

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Editor's Rating

Scent 10.0
Packaging 9.0
Does What It Says 9.5
A botanical scent that is warm, crisp and unique.
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