Review: Moon Haven Soothing Salve

On my recent trip to Margaret River in Perth, Australia, I discovered Moon Haven. A quaint little corner shop at the junction of the town’s main street of Bussell Highway & Bottrill Street. I could actually smell this shop from the outside!

Once I stepped in, I was instantly overwhelmed by the amount of bath bombs this place sold. All shapes, colors and scents. As I had posted before, I am not much of a bath person. So the bath bombs did not have much effect on me.

As I walked around and looked at some of the other non-bath bomb products, I noticed an interesting and pleasantly decorated wooden shelving. And it displayed only one product – Soothing Salve.

I lifted the jar and had a sniff. It smelt so delicious. One of those things you wished you could hold on to and smell all day. A very strong blend of Lavender, Chamomile, Calendula and Rosemary extracts. The guy at the cashier saw me musing over the jar, and said ‘That is our best-seller‘.

I figured (to find an excuse to buy)…I was vacationing at a beachfront villa resort which makes me susceptible to the drying effects of salty ocean breeze on skin and weather is hot. Why not?  

So I bought it. Not to mention, I am a sucker for best-sellers.

My take? If you are suffering from super dry skin, especially cracked heels, I reckon this is your answer! It is suggested to apply this soothing salve before bedtime so that the herbs and oils can work at it best when you are at rest. The soft waxy texture glides on smoothly and smells super amazing.

Before, my heels were not cracked but they were definitely dry, and slightly peeling in some areas. The moment I applied the salve on, my dry heel skin instantly looked moist and smooth. The salve absorbed into the skin very quickly. Within minutes, my heels looked brand new. They felt good on overnight as well.

Moon Haven is available in Singapore. However, I am not sure where.

If you are interested, leave me a comment on this blog. I will try to find out.

Are you suffering from deeply cracked and painful heels? Moon Haven is so confident about this product that they have devised a 7-Day Cracked Heel Challenge program.

From Moon Haven Australia.

Soothe Cracked Heels – 7 Day Cracked Heel Challenge
Commit to doing the following for seven nights/days in a row and you will be amazed by with the results. We have seen deep fissures resolve into soft pink skin in a matter of weeks.

1. Before your shower – Use a foot smoother to gently file down the calluses on each foot. Just smooth it a little. You don’t have to achieve perfect smoothness in the first night. A little each day will achieve amazing results.

2. After your shower – Take a small amount of Moon Haven’s Soothing Salve from the jar.

3. Apply the Soothing Salve – Apply a thin coat. Do not smother the area with a thick layer of salve. We are aiming for the damage area to absorb all the salve with very little residue on the surface of the skin after 10 or so minutes.
4. Rest your heels – Wait about 10 minutes and rest your heels until all the salve is absorbed. Remove any excess and apply less next time.

5. Repeat the above process – Every night for 7 nights in a row, then once a week thereafter.

Again, the key is to not use too much salve. This ensures that the salve used is absorbed into the skin. Excess salve not only blocks the skin and makes a mess of your sheets, but it is also wasteful and counter-productive. It is also not recommended to use socks or gloves (for dry cracked hands) in an effort to cover and encourage the skin to absorb more salve. Instead, this builds up heat and only makes for unnecessary washing and waste. Skin will only absorb what it needs, as it needs it.

If these measure are not improving your condition or controlling your symptoms, then please consult your health professional.

Editor's Rating

Quality 8.0
Packaging 7.0
Does What it Says 8.0
A good home-made healing balm.
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