Review: L’Occitane Verbena Foaming Bath

Nothing beats soaking in a warm bath after a long day’s work to relax, and slow down, the senses. It is a habit I am learning to appreciate. This gives me good reason to try L’Occitane Verbena Foaming Bath.

Infused with organic verbena extract, this bubble bath is divine. L’Occitane’s group of scientists specially blended sun-drenched, organic verbena extract and essential oil, with a coconut and palm oil foaming agent to create this amazing bubble bath experience.

Normally, I am not a bath girl. Most bath products I’ve tried have either left a thin oily residue on my skin, had only a vague hint of any scent, or to get bubbles to form (and stay) was only a minutes’ worth of fun.

The other extreme has happened too; where I am buried under thick clouds of bubbles with just enough water to cover my toes, and a scent so strong and so sweet that I start forming images of ice-cream and candy floss in my mind.

When I first bought this foaming bath, I was skeptical. It is not cheap. For 500ml, it cost S$46. But I have tried other L’Occitane products and have loved them all. So I thought, why not?.

This light-weight foaming bath is truly sensational. Not only does it smell like you have gone to citrus heaven, but it bubbles up almost instantly. Pour about one capfill under warm running water is enough to fill a tub for a great soothing bath. The bubble foam is thick, and stays floating in the tub for quite a long time!

After the rinse off, the refreshing and relaxing verbana scent lingers on overnight. My skin was neither dry, nor oily. Instead, it felt clean, soft and deliciously supple.

Though a tad pricey (especially for soapy bubbles), this luxury bath is worth splurging on for the special and needy moments when all you want is to let your mind wander, let your body relax and let your soul surrender to…luxurious peace.

Editor's Rating

Scent 10.0
Consistency 9.0
Does What it Says 9.0
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