Review: Crystal Body Deodorant Stick

I am in the market for a natural deodorant.

I have read rave reviews about Crystal body deodorant magazines and other forms of media. When I finally found it in an organic shop, the shop assistant said that a few months ago it was sold out. They only just got some new stock in. So of course, I grabbed one quickly.

What is Crystal body deodorant?
It is an all-natural mineral salt deodorant. Natural mineral salt is a natural compound that is harvested from the Earth called Alum. Alum is one of the basic building blocks of our universe and can be found everywhere – in the water we drink, in the food we eat and in the air we breathe.

Crystal body deodorant works by creating a layer of odor-killing barrier that lasts all day preventing odor to develop. It is apparently safe, healthy and (as advertised) totally effective.

It is a large salt rock crystal that has to be moisten with water before application. The natural mineral salt minimizes the odor-causing bacteria to grow.

So far, my armpits have been fresh and clean. No odor. Having said that, the feeling of applying salty water on my armpits makes for some getting use to. The stick, which they should call a ‘ROCK’ – is very hard and doesn’t seem to ever diminish. Imagine taking a smooth marble rock ball and rubbing it onto your armpits.

It led me to further investigate exactly what is the difference between deodorants and antiperspirants. Read my blog on Deodorants vs. Antiperspirant ( ).

Pros: Lasts VERY long. No smell. All natural.100% healthy.
Cons: Application is watery, gives a salty watery feel to the skin before it dries off

In the end, I have to admit I am personally not quite a fan of Crystal yet and shall continue my hunt for a natural-based deodorant.

Editor's Rating

Ease of Use 5.5
Does What it Says 5.0
Bang for Buck 6.5
Just feels like I'm applying water to my armpits!
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