Bellabox: November 2012, Bliss edition

Last week, I received the November Bellabox – Bliss edition. A pretty pink package filled with sample-sized beauty and skincare products from Korea, Italy and Singapore. All of which (I presume) is to put a November bellabox gal in a place of the blissful transformation.

Items in this month’s box include:
* Storyderm Stem Cell Silk Mask
* Clio Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liner Mini in Beige Shine
* Davines OI/Oil
* Cyber Colours Gemstones Silky Lip Gloss
* Soapberry Nature’s Gift Cleansing Bar
* Pink Lips Necklace

Since this is a natural skincare blog, there are 3 items in this bellabox that I have tried. And this is my review.

# 1: Storyderm Stem Cell Silk Mask
I was intrigued by the name of this Gangnam mask. Anything with stem cell written on it sounds like a promise of advanced technological magic. Infused with natural extracts, this sheet mask aids cell regeneration for deep hydration and condition of the skin.

Like most sheet masks, the sheet was well-soaked in a thickish gel-like essence that laid cool on my face. Twenty minutes later, I pulled the sheet off and massaged the excess serum into my cheeks and forehead. I was amazed that within a couple of minutes, the serum had completely penetrated into my skin leaving it visibly softer, moisturised and smoothly radiant. Unlike other sheet masks, the radiant and moisturising effect lasted overnight and into the next morning. I’m not s sheet mask gal but I have to say – this is one of the better ones I have tested. S$19.90 per sheet.

# 2: Davines OI/Oil
Unfortunately, this is not entirely a natural product. The only thing natural about this oil is the ingredient it contains: Roucou oil; which is listed in 7th place out of 13 ingredients…um…not high in my books. Nevertheless, roucou oil is derived from the seeds of the achiote tree. It is rich in betacarotene which promotes proper hair growth, produces melanin, and reduces cellular damage due to UV ray exposures.

Packaged in a super cute tiny 12ml bottle, this hair oil has the same consistency of a hair shine serum. A little goes a long way. I only had to apply a small drop to my hair length, and my hair is instantly soft and smooth. The serum smells too perfume-strong for me. For people with thick frizzy hair, maybe this is worth a try. 50ml for S$38.

#3: Soapberry Nature’s Gift Cleansing Bar
Made from only vegetable oil, this soap bar is free of animal fats, chemical additives, thickeners, chemical foaming agent and preservative. I got the Apricot Peach & Camomile soap bar. And I    it!!

I found the soap rich and creamy. Surprisingly, it lathers extremely very well too. Although the scent is not strong enough to last after the shower, but my skin is left squeaky clean and…not dry at all. Makes for a great Christmas stocking stuffer. 100gm (equals one bar of soap) for S$5.

To find out more about Belabour, do visit their website.

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