2012 Year in Review: Kat’s Best Products Reviewed

Following Facebook’s awesome 2012 Year in Review app, I decided to do a post on my 10 best products reviewed in 2012 (in no particular order).

This list, which showcases the year’s best natural and eco-friendly skincare, beauty & lifestyle products I have tried in the market, is the reason I started to blog.

Since March 2012, I’ve been through so many natural beauty and lifestyle products! Some 100% organic, and some not quite. Some sponsored, and some not. So, how did I decide what made the list?

Well this is what I figured…if I can recommend it to my best friend, and it has stood the test of time in my memory (‘cos my memory is atrocious) – or if I would buy it again without hesitation, then it makes the list. ‘Nuff said!

#1: Best Mask for Blemish/Pimples: Sisley Creamy Mask with Topical Resins
This is probably one mask that has left a solid and super-lasting impression on me. To say this mask is amazing is not quite doing it justice. It’ is one of those products that you have to use it to know it. Overnight magic is what I would describe this super-amazing mask for blemish and pimple-prone skin

#2: Best Exfoliator: Suki Foaming Cleanser
Again, this is one of the best sugar scrubs I have ever used. The name of this citrusy scrub is unbefitting because – nothing foams. Rather, it is a sugary scrub infused with strong lemongrass extract and natural coarse sugar granules, that leaves the skin super-cleansed and glowing after use. An award-winner and best seller indeed.

#3: Best Shampoo: Coast to Coast Invigorating Shampoo
Infused with natural herbs, extracts and essential oils, this shampoo cleans so well. The ingredients of this Australian-brand shampoo are locally grown, harvested, handled, processed and stored – WITHOUT the use of any pesticides, synthetic chemicals, botanical antibiotics, phosphates and chemical growth stimulants. The result: A super clean wash, that leaves the hair light, fresh, non-drying and smelling like…pure nature.

 #4: Best SPF for Face: Heliocare SPF50 Gel
I have never quoted any product to any of my friends and acquaintances, as much as as I have, with this sunblock. I struggle a lot with pigmentation and sun spots on my face – mainly cheeks, forehead, and nose area. So on this topic, I know what I am talking about. This award-wining sunscreen absorbs super fast leaving the skin well-protected (with a high daily SPF value of 50) and non-greasy.

#5: Best Travel Scrub+Mask Combo: KORRES Pomegranate Scrub & Wild Rose Mask
This Grecian natural and organic skincare brand is my 2012 cult brand of the year find! I love this brand for so many reasons. My two biggest reasons are: 1) Every product has a clearly stated expiry date, and 2) Every product states the % of natural content. Some, items like the Wild Rose mask, can have as high as 93.3% natural content. Plus, its packaging is perfect for travel!

#6: Best Bath Salts: Aveda Soothing Aqua Therapy
I’ve tried everything from foaming bubble baths to bath bombs, and nothing relaxes me like Aveda’s soothing aqua therapy. This Dead Sea bath salt is mineral rich and extremely therapeutic. Its scent is soft and delightful to the senses, and skin is noticeably softer as well. Nothing really beats this luxury soak.

#7: Best Mask for Oily/Combination Skin: Absolutely Gorgeous Pink Clay Mask
This is one of the most fuss-free mask cum exfoliant I have ever used. The convenience factor of this mineral rich Aussie natural red clay mask has won me over many times. The pink clay naturally draws out embedded impurities and excess sebum, while the fine bamboo wood particles give a great gentle scrub. Effective and super convenient!

#8: Best Face Powder: Human Nature 100% Natural Mineral Powder
As a product of a social enterprise, this product is superior. Made from 0% harmful chemicals and 100% natural, I did not quite expect this pressed powder to be so good. I love its light, matte and all-day coverage. The powder blends into the skin looking so naturally flawless. Plus, it is so reasonably priced.

#9:  Best Food Product: Honey Lady Honeys
Of all the consumable products I have lent my taste buds to, Honey Lady’s range of honey was the most impressive. It was love at first taste. Not only are these Australian honeys super delicious, but thanks to Katie of Revival Health & Fitness, my once-limited knowledge about honey and honey-making went up a thousand-folds!

#10: Best Cookware: Neoflam Wok and Frying Pans
Gangnam style maybe 2012 ‘s biggest South Korean cultural export, but these eco-pan babies are a must-haves in your kitchen. Apart from the eco-friendly aspects of these pans, they heat up super fast! I have been using these pans for three months, and they remain easy -to-clean, unscratched and of superior quality. This is one good investment.


# 11: Best Cleanser: Avalon Organics Lavender Facial Cleansing Gel
I couldn’t end the list without including this awesome gel cleanser that I use everyday. It’s cheap, good and readily available at most Watson’s and Nature’s Farm outlets. You have got to be a Lavender fan to love, love, love this cleanser.

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