Hom Yoga: $28 for 7 Days of Unlimited Hot Yoga

A lot of readers are asking me about my previous post ‘Hot Yoga: Is it Worth Sweating Over?’. Specifically, where is this studio, and how good is the promotion.

How does $28 for 7 days of unlimited hot yoga classes sound? Believe or not, the promotion is really THAT good.

Hom Yoga is a contemporary boutique hot yoga studio based in Australia (Sydney) and Singapore. Located just behind Boat Quay in a loft studio, this shophouse studio is ultra charming. With two yoga studios, male and female change rooms fitted with lockers, showers and toilet, this yen-like loft is a compact little yogic hideaway.

What I love about most about this studio is not so much the physical aesthetics, rather, I love the uniform teaching sequence of the classes.

So far, I have been to two Hot Hatha classes taught by two different instructors. In both classes, the sequences were exactly the same.

This may not appeal to hardcore hot yogis, though. But for a newbie at hot yoga – particularly one who suffered so much on my first try – it was very good to have a sense of familiarity with the sequence.

At least I know what’s coming and when it is about to end. Because in hot yoga, the sticky and sweaty discomfort is also the pleasure. Anyhow, my second hot yoga session was great!

Unlimited one-week trial at Hom Yoga is $40, but here’s the PROMOTION: Hom Yoga is offering 30% off! That’s $28 for a week of unlimited hot yoga classes! That’s $4 a day for everyday of hot yoga. And it is nett priced ♥ How to beat that?!

All you have to do is: Be a fan on their Facebook page (click here), and leave a comment. You can write about anything as long as you write something. That’s it! Simple as that.

To find out more about Hom Yoga and their hot yoga class schedule, visit their website.

Namaste ♥

Entrance of Hom Yoga

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