Get Your Free Hair & Skin Check @ Guardian Plus

On my last post (read Guardian Health & Beauty opens new flagship concept store, Guardian Plus), I talked about the official opening of Guardian Plus outlet at Takashimaya Shopping Centre. Now, I want to share with my readers the free analyzing services they offer. Because in my opinion, everybody should do this! It’s free. It’s new. It’s comprehensive. No more guesswork on what your skin type or hair type is.

What is Your Skin Type?
My favorite is the skin analyzer, also known as the beauty imaging system by Olay. It provides a personalised and comprehensive skin scan of skin issues that, for some, even the naked eye cannot see. 

Today, Olay’s beauty expert Christine is helping me with my skin analysis consultation. She keys in some basic information and rests my head onto the machine. Then, the machine takes 3 light-sourced shots of my face and information is instantly generated unto the computer screen. The process took less than five minutes.

Based on a 90% percentile, all skin categories should ideally hit the 50% and above mark to be considered good, normal and relatively problem-free skin. I scored above 50% in all areas, except one – Spots. If you are keen to do this skin analysis in the future, it helps to understand what each category means. 

So let’s go through each briefly using my test results.

My skin analysis results

This indicates the amount of skin spots detected. Skin spots can be caused by freckles or minor skin scars from acne and pimples. My test result is 5%. Given the passing rate of 50%, I failed miserably. But it comes as no surprise. With age, I have noticed freckles emerging. While I did not need a machine to tell me about my visibly noticeable spots, it was good way to confirm my skin issues.

This is the detection of fine lines on my face. Being on the 95% percentile, I have very few fine lines detected. For now, aging and fine lines are definitely not an issue for me.

This indicates the smoothness or roughness of my skin complexion. At 97% percentile, this is by far my best category. Looks like my religious routine of exfoliation and masking is paying its dues. Love it!

This detects the amount of open and close pores, as well as, how big (or small) my pores are. At 88% percentile, I am doing good in this area. I will stick to my regular facial spas and daily toner use.

UV Spots
Unlike regular spots, UV Spots are areas of the skin with detectable sun damage. This analysis is not visible with the naked eye. Considering my obsession with sun damage and SPF, I am not too shocked that I faired well at 75% percentile. I will continue to use whitening and Vitamin C concentrate serums to fight this battle.

Brown Spots
Brown spots are pigmented areas of the skin. These may be both visible and invisible to the naked eye. On this category, I scored on the borderline with 59% percentile. Again, not a surprise. I reckon this is due to my younger days of suntanning without SPF protection. These spots are already damaged and pigmented. Not much I can do but to continue with my SPF protection to prevent further damage. 

Red Areas
This is the amount of red veins detectable on your skin. Maybe in other words, how thin your skin really is. At 88% percentile, I do not have a problem in this area.

It indicates the presence and amount of bacteria on the skin. I don’t have acne and seldom get pimples or skin breakouts, so my result of 92% percentile does not surprise me. If you find this is a minor problem for you, try skin cleansing with natural ingredients like lavender and tea tree oil.

Interested to do this analysis for yourself? Go to Guardian Plus and look for Christine, Olay’s full time beauty expert. She did my skin analysis and was nice and patient with all my questions. While this is a complimentary service, do expect that the session will end with friendly expert treatment advice and suggested Olay products to combat your skin concerns. 

With Olay’s beauty expert, Christine

How Pigmented is Your Skin?
Ok. So I already know I am battling with some degree of sun-damaged pigmented and spotted skin. The next question is, how bad is it. Eucerin offers a machine called the Invisible Pigmentation Visualizer. 

This machine allows me to see the intensity of my skin’s pigmentation. All you need to do, is stand a few feet away from the machine and position your face within the screen’s framed area. 

Once it has captured your facial photo, the Eucerin beauty expert will be able to digitally scan your face with a built-in touch screen microscope. Here, I was able to see the different areas of pigmentation. Some darker and more intense, some lighter or just emerging on the surface.

According to the Eucerin expert, there are 4 degrees of pigmentation: post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation, age spots, freckles and sun spots. To know what degree of pigmentation your skin shows can be very useful information because different product ranges offer different solutions for different types of pigmentation.

What is the Condition of Your Hair & Scalp?
If hair is your concern, Guardian Plus offers at least three different hair and scalp analyzers. I met Den, the Rene Furterer hair expert and tried his hair and scalp analyzer.  

With Rene Furterer hair expert, Den

With a simple handheld scanner, we had a clear microscopic view of my hair follicles and scalp condition on the attached display screen. I could see the amount of oil on my hair shaft, condition of my hair follicles, early signs of thinning etc. Interesting fact: Did you know that a healthy hair bulb should contain 3-4 hair follicles? 

I didn’t. Hair falls naturally, but if you observe (using this hair analyzing machine) that the majority of your hair bulbs have only 1-2 hair follicles, and the space between hair bulbs are wide (meaning you see more scalp skin on the monitor), it could be a sign of hair thinning. Luckily, my hair and scalp condition is healthy and signs of concern.

A microscopic view of a healthy hair bulb with 4 hair follicles

What are you waiting for?
Go down and get your hair and skin analyzed. It’s free, quick and quite educational. 

This is a service Guardian Plus has partnered with the various retailing brands to exclusively provide to store customers; and to ensure shoppers make better and  informed decisions on their health and beauty purchases.