Apivita celebrates Earth Hour 2013 with 15% Storewide Discount

Head down to APIVITA @ ION Orchard this Saturday! To celebrate Earth Hour, APIVITA is offering 15% discount store-wide to shoppers on regular priced items.

Grecian natural skincare brand, APIVITA, welcomes the public and shoppers to their flagship store @ ION Orchard (#B3-45/46) this Saturday, March 23 from 8pm. You will have the opportunity to:

  • light an APIVITA 100% natural wax candle (for the first 50 guests);
  • participate in an APIVITA hamper lucky draw;
  • learn more about Earth Hour;
  • receive exclusive door gifts;
  • AND, GET 15% STOREWIDE DISCOUNT off regular priced items (from 8pm to 10pm).

Their natural, effective and holistic products are made with up to 100% natural compositions. Their skincare and beauty products contain a high concentration of pure natural ingredients such as pure bee products and organic essential oils. Built around the transformative healing properties of the Queen Bee by-product and Greek herbs, APIVITA is a brand synonymous with natural health and healing.

APIVITA is serious about sustainable development. Corporate eco-green efforts are built into their product production process, use of recyclable packaging, as well as investing in energy-saving equipment in their factories. 

  • More than 55 APIVITA products are certified organic by ECOCERT, ICEA & DIO
  • One of the first companies to use 100% recycled PET in their packaging material
  • Has a strict internal less-paper corporate policy
  • All APIVITA products list the percentage of natural ingredients
  • All APIVITA products do not contain ingredients harmful to the environment (silicone and phthalates)
  • All APIVITA products do not contain irritant ingredient to human use (propylene glycol, paraffin oil, sls, MEA, DEA, surfactants) 
  • Is against animal testing
  • Do not use endangered plant species and GMOs (genetically modified organisms)
  • Continuous corporate effort and resources to develop sustainable, plant-based and “greener” alternative raw materials with the aim to completely replace chemical ones
APIVITA’s Earth Hour 2013 media press kit

To kickup Earth hour 2013, APIVITA’s media kit is just full of thoughtful eco-friendly surprises! It includes:

  • APIVITA’s 100% natural wax candle made from soya and rapeseed. This is one of their best-selling products! I can smell the delicious candle scent of Orange, Cedarwood & Clove infusing through the box before opening. Wonderfully strong refreshing aroma! These candles are available in other scents such as Jasmine and Lavender; and priced at $100 per 235g and $64 per 80g.

APIVITA is promoting their natural candles as part of their initiative for supporting Earth Hour 2013, a global inititaive organized by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to turn off lights and raise awareness of climate change. To achieve this, the APIVITA flagship boutique store @ ION Orchard will be lit by candle-lit for an hour between 8:30pm to 9:30pm – adding to a romantic ambience for shopping! 

  • A herb planting kit that includes a plant pot, soil, a pack of calendula seeds and home planting instructions;
  • A 4GB USB thumbdrive (my personal favorite!) made with FSC certified wood and has carbon neutral certification. 

What the heck does that mean?  Well, FSC certified wood means the wood used to make this thumbdrive comes from a guaranteed sustainable source or sustainable foresting area. Carbon neutral certification simply means this thumbdrive was produced with a net zero carbon footprint!

Support the Planet.
Support eco-friendly companies like APIVITA.
Make your way down to APIVITA @ ION Orchard this Saturday at 8pm.
And start shopping with a 15% store-wide discount on all their regular priced items!

For more information on Earth Hour Singapore 2013, click here

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