Lemongrass House celebrates Earth Hour 2013

Lemongrass House supports Earth Hour 2013 by offering 20% off their bestselling range of Aromatherapy of the Earth. The offer starts today Friday, 22nd March, and ends Sunday, 24th March 2013.

All you have to do is: Go to any Lemongrass House boutique outlets, bring your empty Lemongrass House product containers and/or carrier bags to the store for recycling, and you will be eligible for the above celebratory offer.

Established in 1996, Lemongrass House is a Thai brand with its headquarters in Phuket. Today, Lemongrass House has retail presence in six countries -Thailand, Singapore, Russia, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand; and has become one of the leading spa and hotel suppliers in the world distributing to over 28 countries.

Awarded the Finalist of the Green Retailer of the Year last year, Lemongrass House products are eco-friendly and developed based on a deep understanding of natural, renewable ingredients and essential oils. The sourcing and production of its handmade products are 100% free of parabens, chemicals, dyes and sulfates.

Inside a Lemongrass House store in Phuket

The first time I heard of Lemongrass House was when I stepped into one of its retail boutique outlets in Phuket. I remember stepping into a scent-laden shophouse front, and being visually consumed by wall-to-wall of soaps bars, body creams, shampoo and conditioner bottles, candles, essential oils, room sprays and a selective range of locally-made crafts. A fairly typical aromatherapy shop offering plenty of aroma spa products.

What I didn’t know however, is how serious this company is with their green eco-friendly corporate values.
Apparently, their Phuket headquarters is a workspace/building that is actually made entirely of recycled shipping containers! Raw materials used to make their products are farmed from renewable resources, and majority of which is sourced from organic farmers. And all packaging (bottles and bags) is made from recycled materials – they even use biodegradable ink for printing!

Be rewarded for recycling today.

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