Skincode: Switzerland’s Skincare Line is now in Singapore

My first impression of Skincode: Skin’s first-aid from Switzerland. Just look at the uniform packaging and its swiss red-and-white-cross logo synonymous to medical attention. I almost hit it on the mark, except it is not first-aid in the sense of pharmacy and band-aids. Rather, it is an advanced skincare brand developed to be the go-to solution for skin needs.

Our skin is like an elephant. It remembers how you treated it when you were young.‘ says Cecilia Weidner, Skincode’s Global Beauty Consultant, who travels around the world educating health and beauty therapists on the brand and how it addresses individual skin concerns.

With Ceceila Weidner, Skincode Global Beauty Consultant and Trainer

Like most things Swiss, Skincode is conservative in its appearance; and all its products are neatly categorised into two lines: Essentials and Exclusive. Each line of products is developed for a specific purpose and consumer skin type, and are distinctively separated by color – Essentials carries a red-color packaging; whereas Exclusive is a blue-color packaging. This leaves absolutely no room for confusion.

At this event, we were given the opportunity to sample some of Skincode’s bestselling products.

Skincode Essentials
The Essentials line is formulated to satisfy the daily skincare needs of both men and women, and even the most sensitive skin. Containing a sophisticated blend of natural extracts and biotech ingredients, all the products in this dermatological line is 100% free of preservatives, color, fragrance, animal derivatives and not tested on animals.

Key active ingredient is CM-Glucan, Skincode’s answer to sensitive skin. Derived from baker’s yeast, CM-Glucan is a natural polysaccharide with potent immune-enhacing capabilities. It is clinically proven by Skincode’s lab to help relief, repair and defend against all sensitive skin concerns.

Cecilia highlighted a few Skincode Essential’s bestsellers such as Skincode 24h Cell Energizer Cream, Skincode Sun Protection Face Lotion SPF 50+, Skincode Firming Eye Zone Gel and Skincode’s Extra Gentle Skin Refiner. Let’s go through them.

Skincode 24h Cell Energizer Cream – the brand’s signature cream. Apparently this cream is one of their best-sellers in Asia. It is a day and night moisturising cream for normal to dry skin, ideally for skin that is starting to show signs of premature ageing. Vivienne, a blogger from GirlyAndTheCity, who sat next to me, told me she tried this product and loved it. But it does take a little getting used to. The potency of this product may cause some initial ‘heat’ sensation on the skin, but after a week’s use, Vivienne thought this moisturiser delivered as it promised.

While I have not personally reviewed any of Skincode products, I was interested in the Skincode Sun Protection Face Lotion SPF50+. During the sample testing, the lotion felt light and non-oily on my hand. Always in search for the perfect daily sunblock for face, I hope to review this product in the near future.

Next, Cecilia demonstrates how to apply Skincode Firming Eye Zone Gel (or any eye cream/gel for that matter) on a blogger attendee to get maximum results. This day and night cool watery gel is lightweight and absorbs quick into the skin. How you apply the eye gel is as important as the eye gel you apply. Like most good beauty therapists, Cecilia reminds us ‘Please do not rub, pull or stretch the delicate skin around your eye area. Massage. Carefully. Massage.

Skincode Extra Skin Refiner is a night exfoliating mask without any scratchy bits. They applied a generous amount on the back of my hand. Fifteen minutes later, I removed the cream and my skin did feel smoother and softer. On one of the bloggers, one hand looked significantly fairer (with mask previously on), when compared to the other hand (without mask). As I have not reviewed this product before, it is hard to tell how this would work when used on a regular basis.

Skincode Exclusive 
The Exclusive range is formulated to target specific signs of ageing from dehydration, enlarged pores, skin discolouration, fine lines and wrinkles to loose skin. Infused with peptides, retinoids and anti-oxidants, all products under the Skincode Exclusive is 100% free of parabens, fragrance allergens and not tested on animals.

Key active ingredient is ARC Complex G2. The longer name is Active Cellular Regenerating Complex – Generation 2. Simply put, it is a potent peptide complex topically applied to interact with proteins in the skin to strengthen its natural defence mechanism.

One product that really stood out of the pack is Skincode Cellular Perfect Skin Capsules. With only 45 capsules in one jar, every squeeze of this serum counts. The moment it touches the skin, it immediately transforms the skin into a soft, silky layer of velvet. The event room was filled with an instant ‘wow’ from all of us bloggers. It looks expensive, it feels expensive and it probably…is expensive. But the instant luxurious velvety effect on the skin was amazing.

I left the event with a gift bag filled with Skincode products to try. Who knows…maybe there is a jar of capsule magic waiting for me.

With Ena, Blogger of (left)
Catching up with Q, a blogger friend, at the event (right)
Skincode skincare products range from $49 – $220 and are now available at the selected exclusive Guardian outlets in Singapore:

Guardian Plus @ Takashimaya*
Bukit Panjang Plaza
Causeway Point
City Square Mall
Jurong Point
Marina Bay Sands
NEX Serangoon
Parkway Parade


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