O’Right Launches Recoffee Hair Products

You know a company is serious about saving the environment when they conceptualize an idea that goes right out-of-the-box to create a sustainable product that benefits our use. Coffee and shampoo. That company is Taiwan-based, O’Right. And they have launched a new range of hair care products called Recoffee. Being one of the world’s most environmentally conscious and eco-friendly companies, O’Right is once again on the path of creating products from recycled and reused material.

I am so glad I made it to the event which was held at Group Therapy Coffee cafe at Duxton Road. Housed on the 2nd floor of a heritage shophouse, I was greeted by a door with a pre-loved coffee beans shovel as its door handle. I knew I was going to love this event!

main door

door handle

The place was dimly lit with coffee infused air surrounding its very eclectic-choice of decor.

The event had already started. Presenting at the front of house was O’Right’s founder, Steven Ko. Back in 2002, then cosmetics executive Steven suffered from extreme sensitivity to allegans. This led to the decision to start his own organic shampoo company, O’Right, with two partners. His sole aim was to help people stay away from harmful chemicals and heavy metal contamination. Losing both his parents to kidney disease and cancer the same year he started his company also prompted a more personal reason for his interest in environmental health. I recognized him from his out-of-control signature curly hair. Although he presented in Mandarin which I do not understand, I was in awe just being in the same room with him.

steven ko

The fundamental and innovating concept of Recoffee is this: To take nature’s biological circulation of matter (in this case, used coffee grounds) and turn it into a resource for hair care. They call this process – The Recoffee Cycle.

Tree-in-the Bottle

It starts off as whole coffee beans that are ground and sold to make cups of coffee. Working with Starbucks, 7-eleven, Family Mart and some local Taiwanese cafe outlets, used coffee grounds are collected and recycled to make a 100% biodegradable special edition bottle called Recoffee Tree-in-the-bottle. The idea behind this award-winning packaging is: after the shampoo is used up, the bottle can be buried in soil and with the proper environment, will breakdown and release the seeds to sprout into a coffee plant.

Recoffee Hair Products

Second, the remaining collected coffee grounds will be put through a process of extraction for coffee oil. The refined oil is the key ingredient of this new line of shampoo, conditioner and hair oil. Did you know that each bottle of shampoo is made with 16 cups of coffee?!

Here is an interesting video about the new Recoffee series which includes its 4 products:

RECOFFEE Moisturizing Shampoo: For dry, damaged hair. Made with > 99.3% natural ingredients.
RECOFFEE Volumizing Shampoo: For fine, limp hair. Made with > 98.4% natural ingredients.
RECOFFEE Conditioner: For damaged hair. Made with >84.3% natural ingredients.
RECOFFEE Hair Oil: For damaged hair.

Recoffee Hair Shampoos & Conditioner

Recoffee Hair Shampoos & Conditioner

recoffee hair oil

Recoffee Hair Oil

Why Coffee?

Coffee is loaded with disease-fighting antioxidants that slows down the aging process, protects skin and hair from heat damage and replenishes moisture. According to Food Research International, the high temperatures used in processing can churn out more antioxidants from coffee beans. A study published in the International Journal of Dermatology (vol 46, iss 1, pg 27-35) also addressed coffee hair growth benefits as a possible stimulant for hair follicles. The study found that caffeine in coffee blocks the negative effects of DHT, a chemical known to damage hair follicles and is thought to cause the condition of male pattern baldness (MPB).

Capping It Off With Bamboo

Every O’Right Recoffee product is finished off with a Moso bamboo cap that doubles as a sustainable art piece of work. The handcrafted bamboo bottle caps are made in central Taiwan by one small family-run household.

bamboo cap

O’Right products and its new Recoffee range are retailing at all Organic Hair Professional Singapore salons:

Orchard Central #03-15
Paya Lebar Square #01-20
One@Kentridge #04-04
112 Katong #03-21
376 River Valley Road #01-01
68 Circular Road #01-01
1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #01-14
204 Hougang Street 21 #01-97


With Marketing Manager, Yvonne Pay

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