Bio-Oil Set to Launch Its Biggest Bottle Yet

If you are or ever been pregnant, chances are you would have heard of Bio-Oil. Touted around the world as the miracle product for treating stretch marks and scarring, this South African product has bagged over 126 skincare awards since its global launch in 2002, yielded a huge loyal fan base and maintained as No.1 best-selling scar and stretch marks product in over 11 countries.

Bio-Oil entered the Singapore market in 2011 with its 60ml bottle. By May 2015, Bio-Oil will launch its biggest 200ml bottle in retail stores islandwide. Marketing efforts have also evolved. Bio-Oil is no longer marketed as just a scar and stretch mark go-to product, rather it now prefers to be known as an all-purpose beauty oil product. One that can be incorporated into your face creams and DIY facial masks. Its many uses have extended to anti-frizzy hair oil, cuticle protector and after-sun skin soother. No wonder this product needs a bigger bottle!

The launch was held at a community club’s cooking lab. Working benches were setup with beautiful baskets of Bio-Oil gifts and kitchen ingredients and tools to make a homemade facial mask with – manuka honey, natural rock salt, freshly sliced lemon and a mini clay mixing bowl.


table setting


Unfortunately, I could not stay long enough to see the hands-on DIY facial masks but the beautiful mother-daugther pair, Wendy Jacobs and Iman Fandi, were there to personally vouched for Bio-Oil’s skincare efficacy. Wendy Jacobs, who is born in South Africa, uses Bio-Oil like how we in Asia use Tiger Balm. Bio-Oil is the go-to remedy for everything from eczema to dry hair. And she apparently rubs this on all her children including her 4 sons!

What makes Bio-Oil unique is its patented ingredient: PurCellin Oil. Together with a blend of vitamins A & E and natural plant oils of Lavender, Calendula,  Rosemary and Chammoile, the oil is delivered very quickly into the skin. While Bio-Oil is hypo-allergenic and suitable for sensitive skin, it is not a natural or organic product.

From its ingredients list, you will see that Bio-Oil is primarily made with paraffinum liquidum, commonly known as mineral oil. It also contains chemicals and synthetic fragrances and oils. While most of these non-natural ingredients are found in everyday beauty products and generally considered safe for consumer use, people adhering to a natural and organic lifestyle would probably give Bio-Oil a miss.


Despite its more-synthetic-and-less-natural composition, die-hard fans continue to swear by its use. Many pregnant women have applied this oil twice a day everyday and seen amazing results. Wendy Jacobs herself has personally seen her surgery marks on her knees, pregnancy stretch marks and skin scars fade significant over the years.

The key to using Bio-Oil and seeing results is, according to Wendy Jacobs, “to start applying Bio-Oil at the very start stage of any scar or stretch mark”.


With Wendy Jacobs and Iman Fandi

Bio-Oil’s new 200ml bottle cost $35.90 and will be available from May 2015 in Singapore at all leading pharmacies, department stores and hospitals.

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