Apivita Launches Natural First Aid Herbal Creams

Last night, I attended APIVITA’s launch of their new line of natural herbal first aid creams. Being new to this brand, I love the store’s conceptual layout designed to aesthetically emphasize the main theme of the brand: Bees. And look at their pretty displays!

Even their light fixtures are designed like a honeycomb

APIVITA is the new kid on the block when it comes to natural skincare cult brands the likes of KORRES, Coast to Coast, VWV Hypoallergenics and Suki. Headquartered in Hong Kong, APIVITA is a Grecian brand only five months old in Singapore with two prominent outlets: ION Orchard and VivoCity.

I like going-in-cold to a brand launch because I am like a kid in a candy store! There are so many fascinating facts about APIVITA that I came to learn about at the event.

#1. APIVITA is a brand inspired by three core elements: the Greek nature, Hippocrates holistic approach to health and the Honey Bee.

#2. APIVITA is founded by a husband and wife team, who were colleagues at the same pharmacy. They got married and starting making natural products using bee products and Greek herbs together (Geez, talk about having a workplace romance!).

#3. All packaging that this eco-friendly company uses is either biodegradable or recyclable.

#4. APIVITA’s first product to hit the market: Shampoos.

APIVITA range of shampoos

#5. APIVITA has a super extensive line of products. From the usual range of adult skin and body care items, APIVITA also carries skin and bodycare products for infants and young kids (made from 100% pure natural ingredients, as so I’m told), sunblock, shaving cream for men, honey, tea, toothpaste, candles, tinctures and now – herbal first aid creams.

Alice, our APIVITA rep, explaining how APIVITA products work

Alice (from the APIVITA team) did a fabulous job going to through every shelf and every corner of the store presenting what APIVITA has to offer – showing, explaining and sampling. All that time, my girlfriend and I were admiring her smooth, milky and perfect complexion. When we finally told her, she chuckled and said “I use APIVITA“. That’s convenient.

Presentation aside, the evening was filled with a lot of touching and feeling the products. Not often do I wish I had an extra arm or two, but that would have been handy when trying APIVITA’s masks. Here’s a tip: They love to slather their masks on really – and I mean really – thick! Like it is serious business.

APIVITA beauty advisor prepping and toning the hand before our masks sampling
Sampling the Apivita Royal Jelly (white color, creamy texture) & Red Wine Mask (plum color, gel texture

After trying four samples (and they have 22 enticing natural masks), I felt bad for wasting all that good masks on just the back of my hands. Just look at their wall of masks!

APIVITA’s selection of natural masks

At one point, my attention was brought to the central display where real hypericum flower buds and eucalyptus leaves were used to accentuate the herbal cream display. Nice details. Thanks Lay Peng for pointing them out to me.

Real hypericum and eucalyptus plants in flower pots 

With this launch, it seems they are going back to their roots of catering to pharmaceutical first aid needs with herbal and natural remedies. I love it! Just look at their wonderful gift (doc) bag!

Full range of APIVITA’s herbal first aid cream (in box)
Full range of APIVITA’s herbal first aid cream (out of box)

I had a great evening making new friends from the APIVITA team, as well as, getting acquainted with this brand. Thank you APIVITA for coming to Singapore!

Once I have tried the creams, I will include them in my product reviews at a later date. Stay tuned!

With Q (APIVITA team)
From left to right: Alice (APIVITA), Cam, me and Irene (APIVITA)
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