Workshop: Detoxify Your Home by Green Living

A couple of weeks back, I blogged about two exciting green living workshops going on last month – How to Detoxify Your Home? and How to Detoxify Your Skincare?.

These workshops are hosted by Green Living, run by two friends – Delphinia and Militza, who share a passion for eco-friendly living. Green Living is their way of sharing all their quick tips and knowledge with the rest of us. Read my interview on Women Who Launch: Green Living.

I attended the 2-hour How to Detoxify Your Home workshop. And here’s my quick verbal and visual rundown.

The workshop is held at the training center of Bettr Barista Coffee Academy. Once I got into the building and before finding my way to the unit, I literally followed my nose. The workshop space is surrounded by everything coffee, from big shiny Italian espresso-making machines to piles of coffee table books on the art of coffee making. Somewhere in the middle of the room is where this workshop space resides.

We were served with a light healthy breakfast of  yogurt, fresh blueberries, granola and, of course, our very own cuppa gourmet coffee – in my case, it was English Breakfast tea.

My workshop table space: notes, breakfast and an empty bottle (a sign of what’s the come).

The workshop started off with Delphinia giving a short introduction and discussion of household cleaning products that we normally find at home. From toilet bowl cleaners, all-purpose disinfectant sprays to my favorite scouring cream, Jif (rebranded in 2000 as Cif). We went through the main chemicals these products contain, and surprisingly, how much we feel we almost cannot live without.

Apparently, an average household uses over 60 different chemical products. These are chemicals that we introduce to our homes and expose our families’ health to. WHO researchers have discovered direct links between endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC) and health issues such as asthma, unexplained infertility issues, birth detects (such as attention deficiency disorder and hyperactivity) and even cancer (such as breast, prostate and thyroid cancers). OMG.


Delphinia posed a question to consider ‘Does (good) scent necessarily equate clean?.

Personally, I love the scent of lemon on my floors and cabinets, and lavender on my clothes. These refreshing scents trigger the ultimate sense of cleanliness and freshness in my mind. But according to Delphinia, these strong chemically-enhanced fragrances are potentially harmful to our immune system and overall health.

Clean should smell like nothing. Right? Clean shouldn’t smell like a bed of roses, neither should it smell like expired milk. Hum. That’s true.

Next, Militza took over and began convincing us that we can literally do without all that commercial detergent bottles. Simply by sticking to a handful of essential cooking ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, castile soap and olive oil, we can make all our eco-friendly kitchen detergents from scratch.

Vinegar?! If you are like me, I am not keen on the idea of using vinegar as a spray around the house. The sharp distinct odor is a major turnoff. But apparently, there is a way around that. Militza showed us how to infuse vinegar with some amazing herbs and citrus fruits like orange and lemon peel, cinnamon, rosemary, thyme and even lavender. The longer the vinegar is infused, the more the sharpness goes away (okay, I might try that).

Militza demonstrates how to infuse vinegar

We were given recipes for homemade fruit & veggie spray, leather cleanser, window wash, scrum scrub cleaner (to replace my bottle of Jif), and even laundry powder. For hands-on experience, we made our own fruit & veggie spray cum all-purpose cleaning spray, and infused baking soda.

To make infused baking soda, we had a choice of what we wanted to make and based on that, we got to mix our own concoction of herbs. This was so fun! I wanted to make an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal laundry booster powder and immediately hit the baking soda and herb corner.

After systematically opening all the jars and sniffing the herbs like a kid in a candy store, I decided to mix my filtered bag of  lavender, fennel and mint into my brown bag of baking soda. Tada! All prepared and ready to bring home.

Everything I got to bring home

Thanks Green Living for a wonderful morning of home detoxification fun! They seriously made going green seem very easy and doable. I came away from this workshop very inspired to try some of these recipes at home.

A major plus point: Participants were provided with all the information on where to find and buy the essential herbs and ingredients. It is actually not that difficult at all, and Singapore is such a small accessible place.

I highly recommend anyone interested to go green at home to attend this workshop.

The workshops are not regularly scheduled, and may come up from time to time. To find out for about Green Living and upcoming workshop sessions, you can visit their Facebook page.

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