Talika Launches Skincare Range Inspired by Aerospace Energy

I was recently invited to Talika’s launch of its new photo-beauty therapy skincare line. According to Talika’s reps, it is the first range of skincare that using technology inspired by aerospace energy – transforming light energy into cellular energy.

The basis of Talika’s research is found when astronauts on space missions, came back to Earth with minor skin wounds and conditions that did not heal over the time they were in space. The reason being that, while in space, the astronauts were exposed to very little (if any) source of light. An imperative ingredient for cellular regeneration and growth.

Believing that light is the source of all life, Talika’s researchers took this concept one step further. They tried to uncover how to transform light energy into dermo-repairing energy. To do this, they needed a vehicle – which they term as the Photo-Beauty Enzyme (PBE).

PBE is an isolated enzyme naturally found in blue microalgae. Like a photovoltaic cell, PBE is triggered by light and has the incredible ability to naturally transform light energy into dermo-repairing energy, and repair damaged DNA cells. PBE acts as a skin defense mechanism that targets and eliminates dimers, allowing DNA cells to recover to its original form and functional capabilities. Skin begins to regain its optimal performance. 

Today, Talika is offering 5 skincare product lines that builds on this PBE technology: the Light Essence, Anti-aging serum, Anti-aging cream, Whitening serum and Whitening cream.

The Light Essence
Acting as a skin equalizer, this cellular activator preps the skin and nourishes it with concentrated PBE. Once exposed to light, the PBE will activate. Light Essence helps to brighten skin’s complexion, and diminish the intensity of dark spots by breaking down the damaged DNA structure. It also helps to protect the skin’s renewed DNA. Made with hyaluronic acid, gentle fruit acids, rose water and vegetal glycerin, this watery essence relieves skin discomfort and provides hydration.

With one pump, the essence comes out like water. Notice how it appears to run off my palm. But after one spread, the essence absorbs very quickly into the skin. Use this essence after a toner.

Photo-Beauty Therapy: Anti-aging serum and cream
Activated by light, both the anti-aging serum and cream combined the benefits of the PBE with active ingredients such as adenosine, walnut seed and soya beans, to treat all signs of aging from wrinkles, dehydration and loss of firmness.

Photo-Beauty Therapy: Whitening serum and cream
Rich in PBE and brightening active ingredients such as niacinamide and zinc, this range is targets melanocytes specifically to reduce the intensity of dark spots and pigmentation. It is said to brighten skin’s complexion within 4 weeks!

The difference in the serum and cream is the product consistency. The serum is more like a lotion. Made from vegetal glyercin, it is lightweight and spreads easily. The cream is slightly thicker and made from vegetal glycerin and shea butter. Good for people who need a thicker cream-based moisturizer, or for night use in an air-conditioned room.

Photo-Beauty Therapy Whitening Cream
Photo-Beauty Therapy Whitening Serum
Talika’s Photo-Beauty Therapy Whitening cream (top) and serum (bottom). Notice the texture difference?

Given this is a light-activated product, I wondered how it works at night? The answer: All this product needs is a light source, not necessarily natural light source. It will work with a switched on light bulb or even candle light. As long as there is some sort of light, the PBE will be activated. And the light source does not have to be consistent either. How interesting!

Due to my ever growing presence of pigmentation and freckles on my complexion, I cannot wait to try the Light Essence, Whitening serum and lotion!

To find out more about Talika’s Photo-Beauty Therapy new skincare line, head down to Talika’s beauty counter at BHG Bugis.

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