Panasonic Go Eco, Get Crafty Event

As part of the Singapore Blog Awards, Panasonic held an eco-friendly Go Eco, Get Crafty event yesterday at City Square Mall. Finalist bloggers of this year’s Best Eco-Challenge Blog were invited to attend and participate.

Fun Fact: Do you know why City Square Mall was the chosen venue  to hold this crafty event? Because City Square Mall (nearest MRT station: Farrer Park) located at the junction of Serangoon & Kitchener Road, is the first shopping mall in Singapore to be integrated with an urban park!

This 49,000 sq ft park just outside the mall’s entrance is filled with many natural green surprises, designed to provide a learning experience about ecology and the natural environment.

Last Sunday’s event was attended by over thirty parents and their kids. It was great seeing families together and doing crafts. Good quality time spent. Moms, dads, little girls, little boys, brothers and sisters were all getting into the action!

Evelyn Kwek, our craft host was hard at work getting the kids to pay attention and follow instructions. Evelyn was hilarious and kept everyone laughing and entertained. She did a great jobs with the kids!

Evelyn Kwek, host

The main agenda of the day: Made 2 crafts from recycled old T-shirts.Here we go!

Craft #1: Old T-Shirt to Useable Coaster 
All you need is an old T-shirt, scissors and craft glue.

Step 1: Cut three strips of T-shirt across the bottom hemline about 1-inch thick. You will end up with three large loops.
Step 2: Cut the loops to make 3 long straight strips.
Step 3: Tie a knot at the top holding all 3 strips together.
Step 4: Start braiding the 3 long strips together, like you braid hair. Make a small loose knot at the end.
Step 5: Roll braid into a tight circle and tuck the end under the bottom side. You can use glue to hold the braid rolls and ends in place.
Step 6: Add ribbons, stickers, marker pen inks and more to decorate and customize your coasters.

I was so inspired by this little girl’s coaster! She made this cute coaster with neon colors and a pretty pink bow.

While the little ones were busy making their crafts (with their parents assistance), bloggers were busy juggling between making their own crafts, socializing and snapping photos. Hence, it is no wonder we worked a little slower than the kids, and needed a little more help.

Craft 2: Old T-shirt to a Recyclable Shopping or Grocery Bag
This is super easy! All you need is an old-T-shirt, preferably one with a nice printed design or colors with pockets.

Step 1: Cut off a strip across the bottom hemline of the T-shirt.
Step 2: If your T-shirt has sleeves, cut the sleeves off from the arm/shoulder hemline.
Step 3: Cut around the neckline. This will remove the collar hem.
Step 4: Turn the T-shirt inside out, and bunch up the bottom of the T-shirt. Make a small knot using the hemline strips you previously cut off.
Step 5: Turn the T-shirt back.

You can accessorize your recycled shopping bag with old buttons, ribbons and what other loose fabric you have laying around.

Two hours later, all the kids and bloggers proudly showed off their crafts! Thanks Panasonic and omy.sg for organizing this fun crafty event.

With the very funny host of the event, Evelyn Kuek
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