NUXE’s Nivanesque Event

Yesterday, I attended Nuxe’s event on their reformulation & repacking launch of Nivanesque, the skincare range designed for women aged between 30 and 40. The event was held at Blisshouse Theme Restaurant at Clarke Quay.

Nirvanesque is for the 30-somethings. It is designed to target the onset of first wrinkles, known as expression lines. This is not a new product, but its formula is new- using the concept of Floral Neuro-Cosmetics.

What Floral Neuro-Cosmetics simply mean is, the use of floral extract to induce a relaxing and euphoric experience for the skin.

For Nivanesque, they found the secret in the Tree Peony root. In ancient Chinese history, the peony is known as the “flower of riches and honour” or “king of flowers”. Packed with medicinal benefits, this ornamental flower’s root is used in traditional chinese medicine to treat night sweats, adnominal pain, sores and injuries.

Apart from the concentrated formula of tree peony, Nivanesque also combines other natural floral solutions in their skincare such as blue lotus seed, poppy seed and althea root complex.

According to Nuxe’s international trainer Corinne Morice, our emotion leaves a trace on our face. That trace line is set unto the skin, and over time, it becomes a permanent wrinkle. This new complex of active ingredients is aimed at diminishing skin micro-tensions at the source of their formation; before wrinkle set in.

Corinne Morice, Nuxe’s international trainer, presenting at the launch

On first application, the most pleasant surprise of Nivanesque is its strong pleasant floral fragrance that is refreshing and relaxing at the same time. It was present in all 4 of the newly launched Nivanesque products – Nivanesque Light (emulsion), Nivanesque Yeux (eye contour cream), Nivanesque  (moisturiser for normal skin) & Nivanesque Enriche (moisturiser for dry to very dry skin).

Nivanesque moisturiser for normal skin

Nivanesque Light emulsion

Nivanesque Yeux eye contour cream

During the launch, we were served with a tiny cuppa of warm tea infused with tree peony extract and honey, topped with a marshmallow and chocolate powder sprinkles. It was a little too sweet for my taste but interesting idea for a service reception beverage!

If you are a Nivanesque user, you will also notice a difference in the packaging. In the past, Nivanesque products came in a heavy, glass jar. Not only was this inconvenient for the user, but for the company, it meant more investment had to be made for its transportation and packaging.

In an effort to make the product more user-friendly and earth-friendly, Nuxe’s new eco-designed jar is smaller, lighter and recyclable. The new design eliminates any additional reinforcements like cardboard buffers needed in the packaging to avoid breakage, thus lowering the company’s carbon footprint.

Made friends with fellow blogger attendee Rena

The new Nivanesque range is available at all Robinsons, John Little, Beauty By Nature outlets (Parkway Pardade #B1-75, ION Orchard #B3-49 & Vivocity #01-06) and selected Watsons stores.

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