I Love You So Mutt Art Exhibition

Last Friday, I attended my first dog art for a cause exhibition titled I Love You So Mutt.

I Love You So Mutt is young artist Adeline Tan’s collection of individual dog portraits, done in color pencils. In collaboration with a local rescue dog and animal shelter Gentle Paws, Adeline choose over 20 dogs available-for-adoption to draw and colour. Adding to the variety, Adeline also showcases several owner-owned dogs as well.  

I wanted to cover this art appreciation event because it was for a good cause, and held at one of my favourite neighbourhood restaurants – Mad Nest on East Coast Road.

The artworks are hung all around the artistic concrete walls of the restaurant. You can walk around, stop at each frame and appreciate the artwork. Kinda like going to a museum or art gallery, very chi-chi 😉 Each print cost S$100, and all proceeds go directly Gentle Paws.

The evening was served with a sumptuous assortment of fresh sushi and North Indian delights. Drinks served at the bar were the best. Not only was Hoegarden and Stella on tap, I got a specially-made Mojito filled with fresh crushed mint leaves. Yum!  They even have merchandise – postcards, buttons and posters on sale for a nominal fee.

There were many adorable dogs with owners portrayed at the exhibition from a Poodle, Mongrel, Bullbull, Pug, Chihuahua and Miniature Schnauzer (my personal favourite breed) to name a few.

Pagoda (the Schnauzer)
Rebel (the Chihuahua)

Dyana (the Artist’s dog)

Bully (the Bulldog)

Cherry (the Poodle)

Mermaid (the Mongrel)

Pipi (the Pug)

If your new year’s resolutions this year is to get a pet, this is one way to whet your appetite for doggie adoption. Scroll below for dogs who need a home. They are presently sheltered at Gentle Paws, and taken care of by volunteers.



Hungry (the Greyhound)
From left to right: Daphne (1) and Daphne (2) 



Big Girl 

Don’t worry if you missed the event, I Love You So Mutt art exhibition is on at Mad Nest restaurant until sometime in March. You can also head to Gentle Paws and meet the dogs yourself!

Adeline (the Artist) and me at I love You so Mutt exhibition

To find out more about Gentle Paws and doggie adoption, click here.
To find out more about Mad Nest and the art prints for sale, click here.

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