FIJI Water & The Green Workout Event

FIJI Water Singapore is fine-tuning their brand focus – as a workout drink. There are only two main brands of isotonic drinks in the Singapore, Pocari and 100Plus. Perhaps a new isotonic drink made with FIJI water, me thinks.

Wrong?! FIJI Water is keeping to their roots of being a strict artesian water brand. Packed with 208mg of naturally occurring electrolytes per litre, this naturally-sourced water from Fiji’s largest rainforest, the Sovi Basin, offers the natural replenishment for everyday hydration.What they have done instead is – partnered with Celebrity Fitness to launch The Green Workout.

Celebrity Fitness is a fitness center with a unique lifestyle concept blending fitness with entertainment. Stepping into the centre, the loud pumping dance music and gold-glittered walls immediately cranks the endorphin rush to overdrive. It makes you instantly skip a few beats while walking (faster), and somehow makes you want to head straight for the treadmill. It reminded me of a boutique version of what California Fitness used to be when it first started in Singapore.

The Green Workout is essentially an exercise routine designed using 1-litre FIJI Water bottles as weights. I was there to participate in this interesting collaboration.

Consisting of leg lunges, squats, arm lifts and shoulder press with water-bottled weights, I liked its practicality. The workout instructor was Bit. A small-built, spunky and pretty-looking girl that has lean tight muscles built of a fighter. Bit is a two-time Silat women’s Gold medal champion. Did they have to tell me that?! I knew I was in trouble.

Forty-five minutes later, I was sweating like a pig (yes! a pig).

At first, working out with two bottles of 1-litre FIJI water didn’t seem as intimidating as I had expected. But between the 3 sets of leg lunges, shoulder press and squats, it was more than enough to keep me sore for the next 2 days. And it isn’t just me – the men in the class walked away sore and soaked as well.

A note to add: After the workout, my husband and I decided to go for dinner at Rochester Park which is a stone’s throw away from Celebrity Fitness. After walking up and down the street of swanky restaurants, we choose B@Rocherster. And guess what?! We saw two bottles of FIJI Water on the table. Instead of the usual tap water restaurants serve, they offer an unlimited flow of FIJI Water by the bottle. How crazy cool is that?!

A sign of when everything is going the way it should be.

At B@Rocherster. Unlimited flow of FIJI water to accompany a sumptuous Japanese fusion dinner.


Thanks to FIJI Water and Celebrity Fitness for this great workout on a nice Saturday afternoon ♥
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