Chi Chi Von Tang Fall Winter 2016 Collection

I attended the latest Chi Chi Von Tang Fall Winter 2016 fashion show hosted by Gnossem last night. This new Singaporean label is apparently fast becoming a celebrity favorite! And I can understand why. Its ultra style is edgy, sexy and unique with bright color accessories that bring the wearer back to Asian cultural roots; beautifully translated in this Burma Collection.

Taking inspiration from the vanishing tribal women of Myanmar, Chi Chi Von Tang’s designer, Lisa Crosswhite, traveled to Loikaw to explore the tribal settlements with her photographer, Noelia Madiedo. Together, the girls were blown away by the pride and beauty of the tribal women. They had so little – yet had the aura of queens.


Taken from the press release:

With the triumph of Ang San Suu Kyi’s party this year, the Burmese government finally shifts towards democracy, and tourist bans begin to lift across the country. This is an increasing and hard-won development. However, it also means the adoption of ‘universal’ cultural norms, including market capitalism and ‘Western style’, which erode the native way of being. Unique concepts of beauty, which have prevaded tribal communities for centuries are now beginning to vanish.

Chi Chi Von Tang’s FW 2016 collection is an anthem for the style and spirit of the matriarchs who refuse to hang up their traditional dress. Women who aren’t afraid to stick to their own idea of beauty, no matter what the world says. These women are living sources of diverse beauty, and may never be replaced.

A preview of the beautiful pieces taken from the show.





On parting note, the motto of this collection is well-encapsulated by this anonymous quote:

Hold onto your own idea of beauty, no matter what the world says.

For more information on Chi Chi Von Tang or this collection, you may click here to go to their website.

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