Finalist in the 2013 Singapore Blog Awards in 2 categories!

To all my readers,


I’m so happy to share with you that my blog,, has made it as a FINALIST in this year’s Singapore Blog Awards 2013 in two categories:

Panasonic Best Eco-Challenge Blog Nanyang Optical Best Lifestyle Blog

Since I started this blog about 13 months ago, I have managed to connect with some of you directly via emails, messages, posts, comments and my Facebook fan page. Thank you, and all my personal friends, for your support and kind words of encouragement.

Now, I need your vote!

Please continue to support me by voting. The process is simple, but different process for the two categories (because there are two different sponsors). Here is the illustrated 4-Step process to vote for me in each of the categories.


To vote, all you need is to have a Facebook account and follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Panasonic’s Voting Page.

Step: 2:  Click on Voting Gallery.

Step 3: Click on the Filter drop-down menu. Choose Best Eco-Challenge Blog.

Step 4: Find my profile, and click VOTE.

As a voter, you stand a chance to win a Panasonic sponsored gift (I guess it’s a camera!) at the end of the voting period. So vote for me every day!


 To vote, all you need is to be a Singaporean or Singapore PR and follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Singapore Blog Awards 2013 Voting & Registration Page

Step: 2:  Click on Register (if it is your 1st time), or Login

 Step 3: Under Main category, click on NANYANG OPTICAL BEST LIFESTYLE BLOG

 Step 4: Find my profile, and click VOTE.

 That’s it! It’s that simple.


Voting starts now and ends 23 June 2013. It is a daily vote count – that means you can vote for me once a day, everyday. Woohoo!

Thank you so much again, remember: Support the Environment. Let’s Go Green Together.

Love, Kat ♥

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