Skin Story: Lily Kew // Oily & Acne-Prone

She double cleanses, swears by facials peels and barely wears makeup. Soon-to-be 45 year old Lily Kew, owner of organic facial bar Kew Organics is often mistaken to be 10 years younger than her real age. Despite having all the skincare treatments at her fingertips, she sticks to only a few tried-and-tested secrets of her own.

What is your skin type?
Oily, combination and acne-prone.

What skin-related problems do you have?
I get periodic acne breakouts and scarring. Due to my oily skin, I also accumulate oil seeds (comedones) easily. I believe my skin problems are hormonal because it is not triggered from anything I eat or do.

What do you do when you get an acne attack?
One thing for sure is I never squeeze them on my own. I’d immediately go for a deep pore cleansing facial treatment. You will also never see me wearing makeup to cover my acne. Despite the fact that I run my own beauty spa and should be a walking model of perfect skin, I’m just one of those people who don’t mind being seen with visible acne scars when I get a breakout.

What is your daily skincare regime?
I start with double cleansing, followed by an at-home liquid peel 2-3x a week. After that, I apply a hydrating toner, water-based moisturizer and sunblock (for daytime).

Is there something you are doing in your life that is affecting your skin today?
Yes. Lately, I started on a course of testosterone hormone pills to strengthen my womb and regulate my period. This, in turn, has made my skin very oily and I am getting breakouts again. My doctor had warned me beforehand to expect this so I am not surprised.

How to you manage this sudden acne attack?
When I do my usual at-home peel treatment, I follow up with a carrot serum. Carrot is rich in vitamin A that aids in rejuvenating and nourishing skin while replenishing old cells. This is a gentler version of having a retinol-A treatment that most women undergo at skin clinics. Also, I remind myself not to get frustrated or stressed out. Mood is very important.

Name one or two products you cannot live without.
I cannot live without Australian organic skincare brand Black Chicken Remedies’ eye serum and Canadian brand Yum Organic’s sugarcane exfoliating serum. The former keeps my eye area firm and smooth, while the latter leaves my skin flawless, rosy, bright and smooth.

How do you pamper your skin?
I treat myself to 1-2x deep cleansing peel facials every month at a facial spa. It includes pressure-point and skin firming techniques. I also alternate radio frequency facials and fractional skin resurfacing facials treatments as and when I feel I need a boost.

Who gave you the best skincare advice?
My mother. She always said to me ‘Don’t use makeup. Less is more.’

Do you have a skin secret you that has worked for you?
I swear by facial peels. A good organic peel done 2-3x a week at home replenished with a hydrating serum is my secret. Over the years, I learnt to balance my skin’s PH levels by doing peels.

What is one skin transforming experience you would like to share with women of your same skin type?
I cannot talk enough about the benefits of radio frequency facials and fractional skin resurfacing facials. It is like a snake changing skin. After these facials, the skin on the surface is replaced with new baby skin. Collagen and fibroblast cells are also being stimulated. Personally, I have noticed that the results get better and better with time because the skin’s cells continue to grow.

How do you juggle so many different facials?
What I would say is start with a few sessions of deep pore cleansing peel facials first. This will help unclog and clear pores from oil seeds, milia seeds, pus and other impurities that may be stuck in the pores for a long time. Once the skin is cleared over a month or two, I would start to alternate both radio frequency facials and fractional skin resurfacing facials. Radio frequency facials help to stimulate and accelerate cell production and renewal. Fractional skin resurfacing facials, on the other hand, damage the surface of the skin. By doing so, it actually helps to push new cells up to the surface faster to replace old skin cells. This is how I got my oily, combination acne-prone skin to become smoother and clearer-looking over time.

Thank you for sharing your beauty skin secrets with us Lily ♥

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