Skin Story: Lara Lozano // Dry & Sensitive

31-year-old Lara Lozano is one in a handful of female commercial airline pilots working in Singapore’s aviation industry. Lara moved to Singapore from Spain 4 years ago. Not only did her country of residence change, so did her skin. In this series, Lara candidly shares with us how living in a tropical climate like Singapore has fueled her obsession with blackheads and milia seeds. Plus, a home remedy she swears by that her aunt in Spain taught her.

What is your skin type?
Dry and a bit sensitive.

Did you always have this skin type?
No. I used to have normal problem-free skin. I noticed my skin started to change around the time I moved to Singapore.

What skin-related problems do you face?
I get a lot of blackheads, clogged pores and milia seeds on my face. I have never had them before. I think being in Singapore’s hot and humid climate and sweating lots make my pores clog with oil, sweat and dirt a lot easier. When I go back to Spain, I do not have these problems.

What do you do to combat your skin woes?
When I see a blackhead or oil seed, I have a bad habit of squeezing or picking it out. I know I should not be doing that but I often see people with big-sized blackheads and whiteheads. I find it terribly distracting and disgusting; which probably explains why I am super obsessed with getting rid of mine!

But you have sensitive skin. How does it react with all that squeezing?
Sometimes when I squeeze too much, my skin gets really red and infected. I use a special home remedy my aunty in Spain taught me that helps to disinfect and calm the skin. After squeezing out the oil seeds (whiteheads) and blackheads, I soak a cotton pad in a mixture of pharmaceutical alcohol, fresh lemon juice, baking soda and cidar vinegar. I apply the cotton pad to the areas that need attention and leave it overnight. This, for some reason, helps to dry out the infection and my skin is good again in a couple of days. My cousin also uses this solution for his acne and it works well for him too.

How does your job and lifestyle affect your skin condition?
I am a smoker so I know it does not help my skin’s health. As a pilot, the pressurized environment tends to dry and dehydrate my skin a lot. It is quite difficult to keep to a consistent skincare routine because I work shifts – sometimes my days are actually nights and my nights are actually days.

Name one skincare product you cannot live without.
Avene Thermal Spring Water. I always have it in my handbag or flight bag. It is practical and so refreshing!

How do you pamper your skin?
For face, I exfoliate at least once a week at home and I do facial treatments once a month. For body, I always apply body milk or oil after shower and use a soufflé exfoliating salt scrub once a week.

What is the best skincare advice you got?
A female pilot friend recommended me the Jet Concept skin treatments and I love them. Once a month, I would do either the Jet Facial, Jet Pure Peptide or Jet Intra Red, and finish off with a cold mask or face infusion. Since doing those treatments, my face is more hydrated and I get less clogged pores.

Do you have a secret skincare product that has worked for you to share with us?
I love Vardi & Migdal skin products – especially their soufflé salt body scrub, facial cleansing gel and toner. These products are not tested on animals and this is important to me because I love animals.

Thank you for sharing your beauty skin story Lara ♥

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