Inspiring Women: Jessica Alba

I saw this photo of Jessica Alba shot a month ago in Singapore at the Social Star Awards. She rocked the carpet in a structured white Zuhair Murad dress, white pointy heels with an asymmetrical front strap and wore her hair down with big beachy curls. I cannot begin to tell you just how much I seriously love her look.

Not only does she look gorgeous. But also, healthy. 

For a 32 year old, Jessica has a lot going for her. She is one of Hollywood’s hottest actresses earning multi-million dollar pay checks, a mom of two, an author of two books (The Honest Life and Uppercase Alphabet) and the founder of eco-friendly home, body and baby company, The Honest Company.

With all her success, Jessica a way of balancing her A-list Hollywood celebrity status and being an all-American girl/mom that every woman can relate to.

Inspired by her visit to Singapore, I wanted to find out some of her beauty secrets for attaining her gorgeous body, skin and hair.

Secret Unveiled #1: Make Your Own Beauty Products from Scratch
Apart from starting her own eco-friendly lifestyle company, Jessica is a big advocate for using stuff she finds in her pantry (or kitchen) to achieve great skin and hair.
For skin: Mix yogurt, ground coffee and coconut oil. Apply on face or skin and leave it on for as long as you like.
For hair: Mix a bowl of avocado with a little avocado oil. Apply only to the the bottom half of your hair and ends.

Secret Unveiled #2: Use Chemical-Free Make-Up
Since the birth of her eldest daughter, Honor, Jessica talks a lot about avoiding toxic chemicals – especially with makeup. Read labels carefully. ‘Know what you are putting on your skin’ she says. She is a big fan of organic beauty brands the likes of Vapour, RMS and Jane Iredale.

Secret Unveiled #3: Soak Away Stress

Jessica’s love for having a bath everyday has been documented in various magazine interviews over the years. This is her way of soaking away the stresses of the day. She loves to soak with a bath full of Epsom salt. It works wonders for her body and muscles, especially after a long run.

Secret Unveiled #4: Exercise Daily
Despite her busy schedule, Jessica finds time to squeeze 30-minutes of fitness every day. Be it running, walking, sprinting or going to a dance class, Jessica’s gets her blood flowing and circulating with daily exercise.

Secret Unveiled #5: No Diets, Eat Clean
‘Diets are for birds’ she once said. Though she doesn’t like to diet, Jessica eats clean. Eating clean is a lifestyle choice that people choose to eliminate all processed foods and extra additives in their diet, replacing it with lots of fruits and vegetables.

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