Receipe: Red Dates And Longan Tea

Red dates is an old traditional herb (or dried fruit) known amongst the Chinese for overall good health. As a superfood, red dates replenish and nourish blood and blood circulation. Better blood circulation means better liver and digestive function, which leads to better health, balance of inner body energy (Qi) and improved immunity (read here on ‘ The Benefits of Red Dates‘).

In the effort to make the recipe simple and hassle-free, here is my tasty version of this nutritional drink.

Serving: 2-3 cups

30 seedless dried red dates
15 dried longan, rinse before use
2 tablespoons of brown sugar, adjust to your own tastebuds (Optional)

1. Bring 1litre of water to boil
2. Add red dates and dried longan. Simmer for 15-20 minutes on medium heat.
3. Add brown sugar. Adjust sweetness to your taste.

Boiling red dates and dried longan.

Once ready, this great beverage can be served hot, at room temperature or chilled.

My red date and longan tea. Served chilled.

Here is another simple boil you can do at home, read Red Dates, Longan & Goji Berry to warm the ‘womb’ for fertility, insomnia and overall well-being ♥

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