Iced Organic Honey Lemon Green Tea…in 3 Minutes

I started a crazy little habit – that is, making homemade beverages using recycled mason glass jars.

Drinking homemade iced anything out of a reused mason jar that has been chilled in the fridge is a seriously cool experience. First, the mason jar holds up to 450ml; compared to a regular cup or glass that holds only 230-250ml. Second, if you are making iced tea – every mason glass jar comes with its own lid which can be used to cover the tea while steeping in the jar. Third, when taken out of the fridge, the entire glass jar is chilled to touch making it a refreshing experience even before it touches your lips. Fourth, these jars make for great party drink glasses.

This weekend, I made an organic lemon honey green iced tea and it took me less than 3 minutes, literally.

What you need
1 x tea bag or tea wand
2 x Tsp organic honey
1-2 slices of lemon
450ml of water
1 x reused mason glass jar, preferably 450ml


Two points to note:

  • In step 1, for a strong lemony taste, squeeze lemon juice into the mixture before dropping slice into the jar.
  • In step 2, pour 1/4 lukewarm water before filling up with hot water. It prevents direct hot water contact from destroying the live enzymes and nutrients of the organic honey and fresh lemon.

The next time you open your fridge, this deliciously refreshing drink will be waiting for you!

In this recipe, I used a green tea wand from Teaism by Eu Yan Sang called Balance. This one-time-use disposable tea wand comes in a variety of flavors from strong and robust to mild and gentle. I especially love the convenience of less washing! The premium tea leaves are housed in a high-grade FDA-approved aluminum foil sachet with pinholes for effective steeping. Its wand-like sleek design doubles as a stir-stick eliminating the use of teaspoons.

teaism range

If you are interested to find out more about Teaism tea wands, they are available online.

And if you are already a fan of Teaism teas, you can join their Instagram campaign now and stand a chance to win a Teaism gift set (worth $58). Simply post your favorite Teaism photo on Instagam and add hashtag #TEAISM.

Good luck!

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