Tips to Ease Your Holiday Hangover

It’s Boxing Day. And if you haven’t taken leave to stay at home or jetted off to an exotic beach destination, then you are probably stumbling into the office with a hangover.

While some say to avoid a hangover is to stay drunk (hair of the dog), this is not good advice for those who have to show up to work the next day. And you know what? In a week’s time (new year’s day), we are doing this all over again! 

So, here are some tips to ease your inevitable hangover.

#1. Eat Before You Drink. This is one of the most fundamental, yet usually forgotten, advice by most jolly drinkers. Having food in the tummy before drinks actually helps to slow down the adsorption of alcohol in the body. This means you get to drink more, and wake up the next morning without the dread of feeling sick. But not all food will help you with a hangover.

Food to have: Eggs, bananas, pasta, whole wheat bread, pizza, crackers, sports drink
Food to avoid: Coffee, spicy food, greasy food, more alcohol

#2. Drink Light, Not Dark. Dark-colored drinks such as red wine, whiskey, bourbon and brandy can make your hangover worse, than light-colored drinks such as white wine, champagne, vodka and white rum. Why? Because dark drinks have higher levels of congeners, which are chemical byproducts of fermentation that add color and flavor to alcohol, and have a toxic effect on the body.

#3: Hydrate In-Between Drinks. Drink a glass of water in-between every alcoholic beverage you consume, and you will save yourself a lot of agony the next day. This is a classic trick because dehydration is a major factor in a hangover. So by keeping your body hydrated, the effects of hangover is also subdued.

#4: A Little Exercise Goes A Long Way. Movement helps to increase the body’s metabolism and burn off the excess alcohol in our system. Walk home with a friend after the party, or go for a short walk for around your block. A little goes a long way for your pre-hangover recovery.

#5: Take Your Vitamins. You should be taking your vitamins everyday anyway. But before a big party night out, it is even more necessary to top up your vitamin intake, because alcohol depletes nutrients in your body. Besides your daily high-potency multi-vitamin intake, take vitamin C to saturation (at least 10,000 mg per day) because it is an antitoxin. Heavy dosage of vitamin C helps to neutralize the toxic breakdown of alcohol metabolism, and increases the liver’s ability to reverse the process of fatty-buildup. Another supplement is L-Glutamine (at least 2,000 mg per day). Studies have shown that L.Glutamine decreases the psychological cravings for alcohol.

If you are in for some heavy drinking party sessions during this festive period (especially leading up to next weekend’s new year celebrations), try to stick to what the doctors suggest: wait at least 48 hours for your body to recover and rid the toxins, before heading out to your next party!

Time is the best cure.

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