Tips for Jet-setting Without Suffering The Lag

Jet lag. What a killer.

I came home yesterday morning (6am) after a 3-week holiday. The next day (which is today) I had planned a big day of running errands: driving my husband to work, going to the passport office, bathing my dog, attending 2 yoga classes (to rid the holiday fat) and calling the air-con servicing company. All of which never happened because I woke up at 2pm. Groggy and completely out-of-sorts.

I have been told by frequent flyers the likes of flight attendants and pilots that the best remedy for jet lag is to stay hydrated. Preferably a glass of water every half an hour.

From Singapore, that’s:
10 glasses of water to Perth, Australia
16 glasses of water to Sydney, Australia
24 glasses of water to Paris, France
28 glass of water to London, UK
37 glasses of water to New Jersey, USA
and…40 glass of water to Vancouver, Canada.

Err…not good advice for someone who has serious public-toilet phobia. So, here are some interesting tips to help remedy that inevitable jet lag.

1. Nap First. Tour Later.
Once you have checked in to your hotel, take a nap. Don’t worry about rushing off to sight-see. The attractions will still be there when you awake. Sleep in 4-hour increments. The most crucial sleep cycle is 4-hours, and this is best time to rest your body while re-adjusting the body clock. *This also works for the reverse when you return home from your holidays.

2. Juice It Plenty.
Before, during and after the flight, drink lots of fruit juice. Cherry juice is best. Apparently, tart cherries contain a significant amount of natural melatonin. While melatonin is often prescribed for jet lag and sleeplessness, some people do suffer negative side-effects.

3. Drink Ginger Water.
An hour before the flight, cut fresh ginger and dip them into a glass of water for a few minutes. Then, drink. This should keep you fresh for your flight, and reduce the effects of jet lag.

4. Wear It Loose.
Do not go on a long flight with tight-fitting clothing. Tight clothes restrict blood circulation. Also, try circulating your blood with frequent stretches and walks up-and-down the aisle. Blood that is restricted and/or not properly circulated invites a higher chance of jet lag. Even if you are stuck in the window-seat, remember: Go comfortable. Go loose.

5. Drink a glass of milk.
Drink a warm glass of milk when you arrive at your destination. This will keep jet lag at bay. Better still, add a pinch of nutmeg and ginger powder to your milk.

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