The Pantry Farmer’s Market at Dempsey Hill

I finally visited The Pantry Farmer’s Market this weekend. And what a delightful visual and gastronomical feast it was.

Held at the premises of The Pantry at Loewen Gardens is a collection of table-stalls vendors manned mainly by expats. There is a wide variety of unique and natural produce to relish. From fresh garden vegetables, groceries from Nepal to the finest imported jams, wines and salad dressings from France.

Tucked away in a quiet area of Dempsey Hill, The Pantry Farmer’s Market is a great place to bring the family, or hang out with friends for a Saturday breakfast or brunch. You will need a car to get there though…or expect to hike uphill for about 20 from the base of the hill.

Started by Jane Glascow, head chef at The Pantry Cooking School, the Farmer’s Market has an atmosphere of a thriving European weekend market. Just a much smaller version. Vendors are extremely friendly and passionate about their products. Nestled within a cluster of boutique shops, the market area is fairly small.  Although it did have enough wonderful things for me to experience that kept me busy for the most part of two hours.

I will definitely be going back to visit. But in the meantime, here are some of my favorite finds this weekend.

Stall No 1. Little Provence

Situated at the entrance of the market, Little Provence’s display of everything haute cuisine was visually pleasing. They sell a variety of  infused extra virgin olive oils, olive tapenades, fruit vinegars, natural fruit jams and organic wines. All items for a perfect des amuse-gueule (pronounced daz amuse-girl) – small bite-sized homemade snacks the French serve before a meal to whet the appetite. You can also buy Little Provence’s products at Tanglin Mall, Raffles City and Parkway Parade.

The friendly vendors of Little Provence

Provencal jams and marmalades made naturally from fresh fruit and sugar-cane

Selection of French tapenades, infused olive oils, fruit vinegar and organic wines 

Stall No 2. Healthy Gourmet

The moment I glanced over at this stall, I was like a moth to a flame. I love the label design of these Belvoir organic cordials from the UK! I had a sample drink of the Elderflower cordial. This 1-part-cordial-10-part-water concoction had a lovely light floral lemony taste. Made from organic sugar, freshly picked organic flowers, squeezed organic fresh lemons and no preservatives, this refreshing cordial comes at $12 a bottle (market price), and is also sold online. An original find.

Beautifully labeled Belvoir cordials

Stall No 3. Mama Bagel
Jennifer, aka Mama Bagel, bakes the most delicious bagels! My girlfriends who had arrived earlier that morning were raving to me about her onion bagels. But by the time I got there (which was an hour later), all the onion bagels were sold out. This included Jennifer’s special homemade cream cheese. Seeing my disappointment, Jennifer paper-bagged an original bagel for me to try instead. Her bagels are made with no fat, no eggs, vegetarian and vegan friendly. Biting into the dense, chewy bagel topped with (my own tub of) Philadelphia cream cheese, Mama Bagel’s bagel instantly transported me back to another place in time. Vancouver. When back in the days I used to buy a freshly baked Tim Horton’s warm toasted bagel for breakfast on my way to work. A savory taste of memories!

Jennifer aka Mama Bagel from New York City

Mama Bagel’s delicious bagels

Stall No 4.  Fresh Veggie Man
I cannot remember his name or where he is from. But I remember his black carrots. Not the usual orange colour. It looks like carrot, feels like carrot, cooks like carrot and even tastes like carrot. When it comes to choosing carrots, he taught me the smaller the carrot, the sweeter it is. And black carrots do add a pretty splash of colour to salad servings.

Information on The Pantry Farmer’s Market, Singapore
The Farmer’s Market is open on the first Saturday of every month from 9am to 3pm, at 75 Loewen Road. Free admission. Free parking.

If you have something to sell at the market, email to book a table, or call 6474 0441.

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