Social Painting

The last time I picked up a paint brush was….I cannot remember. Drawing scares me, painting…even worse. Once, I was asked to draw an unicorn for my little niece. What ended up on paper was more like a hairy dog with wings. She laughed. I sulked. That was a long time ago.

Some time back, I purchased online vouchers to a 3-hour social painting session. I thought ‘Sure. I can go to an art class and learn something‘. I soon realized that this was not a class. It was a free-and-easy session. Freestyle painting of whatever, however. They obviously have not seen my hairy unicorn-dog.

Having said that, Arteastiq’s art jam is quite an unique concept.

You show up, put on a painter’s apron and literally, start painting. The high-ceiling, glass enclosed space has a great arty atmosphere. With soothing jazz music playing in the background, a big white 50cm x 50cm canvas, unlimited acrylic paint color and brushes, it all instantly creates a space of great relaxation where artistic juices can flow.

Arteastiq’s art jam setting

For art idiots (like me) who need to copy somebody else’s artwork ;( there is a reference corner with art books and plenty of art folders to flip through.

Each 3-hour session comes with a complimentary drink. Not the usual suspects of tap water, granulated tea and 3-in-1 coffee. At this place, every artist is treated with a beverage of choice from their exquisite tea lounge menu. These can range from Earl Grey & Lavender tea, Pomelo iced tea to Oolong Pineapple Mojito iced blend.

Arteastiq gourmet, freshly brewed tea

I cannot explain just how fast 3 hours at this place goes. The moment I sat down in front of my assigned canvas with photo/picture guide at hand, I was off! To the world of deep intense concentration, honing in on every sliver of artistic talent I might have to create a master piece. At least one that I can bear to look at after this session.

I started my session with a splitting tension headache. That is what happened to me after an endless day of arduous office meetings, and rushing to beat the evening peak hour downtown traffic, to get to the art session on time. Anyway, after the session, my headache was gone!

I thoroughly enjoyed myself. In fact, my girlfriend and I went back again the next week!

Arteastiq does not serve natural and organic teas (which I was expecting for such a chichi outfit). However, the relaxed and soothing atmosphere coupled with the ultra therapeutic process of free rein painting, this place really had me on a different level. Hence, I thought it is worth a mention on this blog under my Soul Series section.

I did begin to feel a little of what some artists describe when they say that art is an expression of the soul.

Stella Adler, a famous Amercian actress and Marlon Brando’s first professional acting teacher, once said

Life beats down and crushes the soul, and art reminds you that you have one

How true, oh so true.

My first painting. Cartoon-styled attempt of a Self-Portrait.

My second painting. Titled: African Babygirl With Blue Tub Hair

For more information on Arteastiq’s art jam, go to their website.

This feature was listed as one of Kat’s Best Feature Posts of 2012.

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