How Keeping A Grateful Journal Can Change Your Life

If there is one topic I speak about incessantly with my closest girlfriends, who can’t ever get a word in to shut me up, is grateful journaling.

Over the last ten years, I have noticed a chain-like pattern of metaphysical blessings that occur in my life through this one habitual act. Charles Duhig, in his book The Power of Habit, describes the power of keystone habits like daily grateful journaling as ‘small changes or habits that people introduce into their routines that unintentionally carry over into other aspects of their lives’. Such powerful habits, documented by many sources, have the ability to transform lives.

The question is how does it happen?

When we give ourselves the time to recall the things we are grateful for, we are opening and channeling an energetic vibrational conversation with the Universe. The Universe, being unimaginably abundant and readily serving, with time become attuned and wired to our thoughts and deliver what we subconsciously need or desire. When we pair this cosmic relation with the power of intentions, the sky is the limit.

I describe grateful journaling as ‘the act by which intentions of yesterday brings gratefulness today and propels you forward with the blessings of tomorrow‘.

Journaling everyday is a potent and powerful habit to acquire. When I talk about keeping a grateful journal, I am not referring to pages and pages of novel writing where you talk to yourself. No, no, no. I am talking – fast, simple, short and sweet. One point, one sentence. Done. If you can keep doing 5 points everyday, that is grateful journaling.

Some intangible (powerful and enormous) benefits of this habit includes:

Heightens Your Sense of Gratefulness

No matter what kind of day you are having, giving yourself the time to reflect back shifts your mind towards being grateful. Doing this exercise regularly will sharpen your ability to knowledge the good things that have happened in your day. As you advance, you will be able to acknowledge such moments as its happening without having to reflect back. Don’t be surprised when you start saying to yourself “Oh, this is going into my journal tonight!“.

Deepens Your Relationships

Now that you are more attune to the wonderful things happening to you, your friendships and relationships will benefit. It automatically puts you in the now, the present moment. You start to savor the quality, not quantity, of time spent. It subtlety fine tunes your brainwaves to seek the magical silver linings of being present. This is something hard to explain but when it happens to you, you will know it right away.

Creates a Jumpstart For Daily Recovery

As we go through the motions of every day, we get more and more detached from what is important to us. It could be holding on to a job you struggle with, dealing with a boss you detest, having in-laws you can’t tolerate or losing your mobile phone that has your whole life in it and your dog peeing on the living room floor because it hates you. Miraculously with a little quiet time and self-reflection, all that drama has the potential to melt away when you are forced to look for the good, rather than focus on the bad.

Activates Universal Communication For Abundance

This is where the metaphysical magic happens. When we write in our journal, we are transmitting our thoughts via a certain frequency to the Universe. The same reason people pray, send thoughts, hopes and dreams. If you trust the Universe is always servicing and forever abundant, you are opening up the channel of communication, and inadvertently linking our subconscious self to the Universe. What this means is – see the Universe as your spiritual servant. If the Universe can see/hear/feel what you need or want, it can deliver.

This, which has happened to me so many times, I confidentially say is an absolute truth.

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