Green Dating: 10 Eco-Friendly Date Ideas in Singapore (Part 2)

6. Shop at a Farmer’s Market
I haven’t been to PasarBella, Singapore largest farmer’s market located at The GrandStand (formerly known as Turf City). But from what I know this farmer’s market is open daily with over 30,000 sq ft of gourmet market space. Take your date for an exploratory walk around and take in the sights and smell of fresh organic produce. Have an interesting afternoon nibbling on rare authentic cheese from The Cheese Ark, savoring organic limited craft beer from The Great Beer Experiment or sipping naturally spiced and flavored iced tea from Five & Spice Kitchen. Alternatively, you can settle yourselves in for a simple yet delicious organic lunch at SG Organic.

7. Go Eco-Kayaking
Go wet and wild with your date! Kayak into the sunset and explore Singapore’s eastern coastline. You can rent a kayak from Water-Venture, or join one of their organized kayaking expeditions. The good news: every kayak comes with a pair of seats so it’s an ideal date experience!

8. Have a Zero Carbon Footprint Dinner
In simple words, go vegetarian. If you are planning to take your date out for a meal, why not plan a vegetarian date? There are plenty of great vegetarian restaurants in Singapore with delightful ambiance to woo your date while indulging in delicious raw foods. One of them is VeganBurg where they serve non-GM gluten-free burgers. Served with organic bread and soybean and mushroom patties, this place is moderately priced to not burn a hole in your wallet. For something more upscale, try Pollen. Located right in the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay, Pollen has its own Mediterranean herb and vegetable garden.

9. Walk for a Cause
A casual stroll without much purpose is far too boring for a first date. Why not walk for a cause? Whether you bring your date down to the local pet shelter to walk the dogs or participate in a fundraising walk, walking for a thoughtful purpose will bring new meaning to your time shared with your date. For a nominal entry fee, there are tons of fundraising walks to choose from throughout the year. Check out what charity walks are happening on JollyPeople and Running Guild.

10. Take a Cooking Class
They say the key to a person’s heart is through the stomach. Most women love to cook, but they love it more when a guy cooks for them. Cooking can an extremely fun and rewarding activity for a date. It allows for plenty of interaction required, team work and creative collaboration. Bollywood Veggies rural farm offers a number of cooking classes you can take your date to. Led by Lynn Ee, their in-house Corden Bleu Chef de Cuisine, you and your date will learn about locally grown sustainable food and have the chance to cook fine and fresh local cuisine with farm-harvested produce.

This is a continuation from Green Dating: 10 Eco-Friendly Date Ideas in Singapore (Part 1).

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