Green Dating: 10 Eco-Friendly Date Ideas in Singapore (Part 1)

A date night typically consists of a dinner and a movie. But why do the usual when you have the opportunity to create a first and lasting impression. After a previously published article ‘Making The Green Impression: An Eco-Friendly Date‘ by guest contributor Brett Harding, MD and Co-founder of Lovestruck Singapore, I was inspired to publish my top Singapore’s 10 eco-friendly date ideas.

Let’s face it. Beyond good manners and basic chivalry, women love men who pay attention and care. Not just someone who cares about himself and others; it is also about a man who cares about his environment.

If hugging trees and collecting empty pop cans on your first date sounds strange to you, it does not have to be. Here are 10 green date ideas you can bring your date on in Singapore.

1. Book a Guided Tour of Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve
For bird enthusiasts, discover amazing ecological biodiversity at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. If this is your first date, I highly suggest you to pre-book a private guide for your wetland walkabout. A private guided tour will ensure you and your date don’t get lost on the trails and discover interesting flora and fauna together along the way. If you are afraid of awkward silences on first dates, the attention is placed on your tour and guide, who inevitably acts as a great buffer for conversation. Refer to this list of STB-certified nature guides provided by Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

2. Go Art Jamming
Surround yourselves with the lush greenery of trees and topical flora at My Art Space for artistic inspiration. Art jamming is a fun and open-concept way of spending a few hours with your date, a blank canvas, a set of brushes and unlimited acrylic paint. Through art, you might get to know your date on a much different level. After the art jam session, proceed to the adjoining tea lounge for a cuppa tea with your date to discuss your art interpretations.

3. Explore the Gardens
Women love flowers. There is no better place to take her to than Gardens by the Bay. Host to many nature-filled self-guided tours and exhibitions, Gardens by the Bay is home to seven main garden attractions. You and your date will be totally immersed in the fascinating world of rich plant and aquatic life from the cool-dry conservatory of the Flower Dome to the Heritage Garden, featuring thematic gardens of Singapore’s history and culture.

4. Attend a Green Workshop
This is one of my favorite things to do – attend a green workshop. It is educational, interactive and hands-on. On a date, it is an excellent way to find out if your date is the type who is “game” for anything, or who is afraid of getting his/her fingernails dirty. Green Living regularly organizes eco-friendly workshops designed to share simple tools, tips and tricks to get us started on leading greener lives. Learn to make natural household detergents or prepare your every own raw food pantry.

5. Plant an Orchid
You cannot go wrong by planning a date around a day of potting orchids. There is no better place to learn about orchid and orchid planting than Singapore Botanical Gardens. Here, you and your date will get 6 hours of hand-on experience on how to cultivate prize-winning orchids, Singapore’s national flower. For $80 per person, all materials are included and you (probably) get to bring home a potted orchid as a souvenir. Can you think of a better way to leave a lasting impression? Check this site for latest upcoming orchid planting workshops.

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