Electric Oil Burner: An Investment For A Good Night’s Sleep?

I don’t know about you but I have a lot of trouble finding the right equipment to scent my space. One that is effective in infusing the air in a room, looks attractive, safe for inhalation and requires as little cleaning as possible. Up until now, there is always a problem with almost everything.

Candles emit billowing black carbon smoke upon blow out that is not pleasant (and harmful) when trying to get into bed. Reed diffusers tend to collect dust over time and need frequent dusting and wiping. Incense sticks emit smoke and verdict is still out on whether incense smoke increases risk of developing certain cancers. Aromatherapy burners require a tealight candle to burn that has a life of about 2 hours and is usually made from paraffin wax – not soy wax, the better alternative. Diffusers can double as a humidifier but the consistent need to top up volumes of water whilst avoiding leftover stagnant water that attracts dust to settle is far too much hassle in my books.

Good new is I discovered electric oil burners. It is nothing new but I have only just started paying it some attention. The only one big hurdle about electric oil burners is price. It should cost about a hundred bucks or so once you add up the essential oils you will need with your burner. But when you do decide to get it, consider it an investment.

The simple concept of plugging in to an electric socket with an on-off switch allowing water blended with essential oil to infuse into the air while doubling up as a lamp is ingenious. I bought one recently for my bedroom. I cannot even begin to describe the decadent experience of stepping into my dimly-lit, air-conditioned bedroom and be hit by the soothing aroma of lavender and bergamot. Instantly, muscles relax and sleep feels like only minutes away.

For people with sleep issues, lavender, bergamot, ylang ylang, majoram and sandalwood essential oils help ease body tension and wind down. If you are using an electric oil burner for an active area like your living room, try a more refreshing and upbeat aroma like geranium, lemon, sage and grapefruit.

User note: After some time, essential oil and water residue will inevitably cake up on the surface. Good thing is electric oil burners are super easy to clean. Simply soak a cotton ball with nail polish, rubbing alcohol, dish-washing liquid or shower gel and wipe away the sticky gunk.

In Singapore, it is not hard to find uniquely designed electric oil burners and quality pure 100% essential oils. Pop into stores like Mount Sapola, The Skin Pharmacy and Takashimaya Basement 1 at their aromatherapy department.

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