Antler Chandelier: A Recycled Lighting Alternative

Have you heard of antler chandeliers?

I heard from a colleague yesterday who was raving to me about her latest home decor find, antler chandeliers. A unique natural lighting alternative to the traditional crystal and glass-blown chandeliers. Most people around the world buy crystal chandeliers because of its distinct reflective form; like a source of sun in the living room.

But if you are into eco-living, consider antler chandeliers. It’s a recycled product from four-legged animals like deer, moose and elks.

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Antler Facts 

* Antlers are not permanent. They shed and regrow every year.
* Antlers are only grown by male species. Sort of true. The only animal that bears antlers in both male and female species is the Caribou.
* Antlers grow as a cartilage. It is coated with a fine vascular skin like velvet which supplies oxygen and blood to the antler. Every year during mating season, the hormonal change in the male species causes the cartilage to turn into bone.
* It takes only a few weeks for antler regrowth. Once becoming a bone, the antler’s velvet skin will dry and fall off. Months later, the animal will naturally shed its antlers and within weeks, grow new antler cartilage.
* Nature’s form of sexual selection. The primary function of antlers is sexual selection. Males use their antlers to compete with another male antler species for the female’s acceptance. They engage in a physical fight using their antlers as weapon, or present their antlers as a psychological face-off to display their strength and robust fertility.

Unfortunately, antlered heads are prized as trophies in the hunting community. The bigger, the better. When shopping for an antler chandelier, it is crucial to make sure the antlers sourced are naturally shed, and not from poaching.

Antler Lighting Pieces in Living Spaces
This is truly a great way to introduce a piece of nature to your living space.

I found some natural shed antler chandelier manufacturers. Unfortunately, none of them are based in Singapore. But if you go to their individual websites, most are open to custom orders and international shipping.

The French Bedroom Company
Middle Sussex, England

Featured in many home decor magazines in the UK, The French Bedroom Company only uses natural shed antlers in their natural condition. Their antler chandeliers are specially designed to be the focal piece in any room.

Deer antlers. Model: Fight Me Antler Chandelier
Deer antlers. Model: Fight Me Antler Chandelier
Fallow deer antler. Model: Fight me grand antler chandelier (8-arm, oval)

Scottsdale Art Factory
Scottsdale, Arizona

The largest custom manufacturer of natural shed antler built-to-last products in America since 1913.  Scottsdale Art Factory is strict in its AA Grade antler selection and clearly states ‘no fake antlers and no kills‘.

Moose antlers

Cast Antlers
Scottsdale, Arizona

A small family run business that offers cast or reproduction antler chandeliers. If you like the antler concept and design, but not keen on getting the real thing – this is an alternative. Cast chandeliers are generally more affordable, weigh less and look like real antlers.

Moose 6-cast antler chandelier

Roll & Hill
Brooklyn, New York

Launched in 2010, Roll & Hill is a New York-based manufacturer of high-end contemporary lighting. Their products are unique, innovative, responsible made-to-order; producing original work from American and international designers. These antlers featured designed by Jason Miller are reproduced from glazed ceramic.

Superordinate Antler Chandelier (10 antlers). Designed by Jason Miller
Superordinate Antler Chandelier (12 antlers). Designed by Jason Miller
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