5 Ways To Use Gemstones To Heal

A recent gemstone excursion with friends sparked my interest in the therapeutic properties of these mineral crystals. As a form of alternative medical therapy that some regard as pseudoscience, crystals and gemstones have long been used to heal, protect, rejuvenate, empower and seek enlightenment.

I love raw gemstones as jewelry pieces but I have never seriously regarded gemstones as an energy source and conduit for healing. Crystal healing enthusiasts look at different types of gemstones and where the stones originate from to determine its specific energy. It is said that every stone carries a positive field of energy that is used to flow into the body; at the same time, remove negative, trapped and disease-causing energy.

I doubt meditating with a piece of citrine will have me winning the next lottery draw (citrine is glassy yellow quartz also known as the prosperity or success stone), but I do have a few pieces of gemstones at home that I can now use with a purpose. Crystal healing is about getting connected. Many have said that having an energetic relationship with healing stones can lead to higher self-awareness, self-empowerment and a greater sense of inner peace and calm.

Here are 5 easy ways you can use gemstones to heal yourself.

1. Wear As An Accessory. This is the easiest and most fuss-free way I like to use gemstones. I am not one for  space clutter so wearable gemstone jewelry works for me. By wearing it on your physical body and having a purposeful mind about it, you are allowing the stones to remove negative energy by neutralizing the energetic blockages that hinder positive growth and lead to ill health. However, keep your gemstone wearing to a maximum of three types of therapeutic stones. Too many stones at a time can cause energies to clash.

2. Carry In Your Pocket, Purse (Or Even In Your Bra). The more you carry healing stones with you, the more you will begin to feel and sense its energy. Put them in places you will likely see or touch often throughout the day. Direct skin contact is the best kind of carrying and, believe it or not, some women nest their stones safely and conveniently in their bra.

3. Place In An Area To Deflect. In today’s wired world of technology, we are constantly exposed to low-energy radiation from our mobile phones, wireless devices, gaming consoles, microwaves and computers. Low-energy radiation can contribute to restlessness, headaches, enhanced anxiety, irritability, sleep disorders, weaken immunity, depression, nausea and exhaustion. If radiation exposure is an area of concern for you, grounding stones like black tourmaline will serve a great purpose. Placed in areas where plenty of charged radioactive waves are present, these stones have the power to channel and deflect away radiation waves.

4. Tuck Under Your Pillow. I have heard this many times. Place a piece of amethyst or sodalite under your pillow or in your pillowcase to get a good night’s sleep. These stones can bring sweet dreams and banish nightmares.

5. Hold & Mediate (Or Hold, Breathe & Visualize). Choose two stones. Hold one in the each hand and mediate with them. As you clear your head, quiet your mind and connect with the Universe, see if you can sense the different energies permeating from the stones to your hands. If you are not comfortable with this form of mediation, that is okay. You can hold onto a stone in each hand, close your eyes, inhale and exhale deeply. As you inhale, visualize good positive energy coming towards you. As you exhale, imagine negative bad energy leaving your body. By the combining the action of holding a stone and conscious breath work, it activates the powers of your stone to help you connect with its positive energy and relive stress and tension.

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