5 Best Eco-Friendly Gifts for Mother’s Day

Are you running out of gift ideas? If the answer is yes, don’t panic. You are not alone.

With more and more women becoming environmentally aware and conscious, why not do something different and give her an eco-friendly gift? A gift that not only pleases her heart, but also respects Mother Earth ♥

Here are 5 best eco-friendly, guilty-free giving gifts for all mothers! The best part? You can buy them online…right now!

1. Vintage Sari Scarf by GreenSewn

GreenSewn is an upcycle eco-fashion design company that creates one-of-a-kind scarves by recycling old vintage saris. Designs are made from only the finest silk saris collected by Indian sari women. They go from door-to-door bartering for beautiful vintage saris before sending it off to GreenSewn’s upcycle fashion factory. US$49. Click here to shop at GreenSewn online.

2. Leda Clutch Bag by Escama Studio

This beautifully hand-crocheted clutch bag is one of the many amazing bag designs from Escama Studio. Escama Studio is a fair-trade eco-fashion organization that designs handbags from recycled aluminum soda pop tops. CAD$150. Click here to shop at Escama Studio online.

3. Hydrogarden Herb Kit by GrowBottle

If your mom has always wanted her own herb garden, this compact and easy-to-do hydroponic herb farming kit is the perfect gift. Each hydrogarden is earth-friendly and hand-crafted from a recycled wine bottle. The kit comes with certified organic seeds, clay pebbles, a wool watering wick, plant nutrient, and vermiculite. All you need to do is add water and some sunlight. GrowBottle is available in five herb varieties – oregano, chives, basil, parsley, and mint. US$35. Click here to order your own herb-of-choice GrowBottle

4. Eco-Friendly Frying Pan by Ecolution Artistry

Did you know that cookware can be environmentally-friendly? Apparently so. Ecolution Artistry cookware uses water-based Hydrolon, a PFOA-free nonstick, that results in fewer Greenhouse gases. When nonstick is applied to the pan, Hydrolon evaporates rather than emitting harmful PFOA toxins into the air. So, if your mom loves to cook, this would be the perfect gift. US$15.46. Click here to order your eco-friendly frying pan. (I bought myself a set too! Read here)

5. Gorgeously Green: 8 Simple Steps to an Earth-Friendly Life by Sophie Uliano
I first saw this book on a coffee table at a spa while waiting for my spa therapist. That was five years ago. I was impressed by how easy this book was to read. It was filled with great information, and easy instructions on how to make everyday life eco-friendly. Seeing it again, listed on some websites as the perfect Mother’s Day gift, makes me happy to include it in my top 5 best gifts for Mom. S$25. This book is available in all leading bookstores in Singapore, or click here to purchase it on Books Kinokuniya online 😉

Happy Mother’s Day everyone ♥

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