Skinny Jeans: Worth the Strut?

This is the unusual case of skinny jeans. If the thought of squeezing into a pair of skin tight pants could not only turn a few jaw-dropping heads, but also land you in a hospital…you’re probably right.

A few days ago, a 35-year old Australian woman collapsed and was hospitalized the day after she spent helping a relative move home. It seems hours of squatting and hunching to clean cupboards and unpack items in tight skinny jeans had restricted her blood supply to leg muscles, causing nerve damage severe enough to bring about numbness and great difficulty in walking. It landed her 4 days in the hospital.

This condition is called compartment syndrome, caused by restricted blood flow leading to bleeding or swelling of leg muscles and compression of adjacent nerves.

Though this is the first reported case of tight jeans being blamed for someone landing in hospital, researchers at the Royal Adelaide Hospital note that this case represents a new neurological complication brought about by our generation’s obsession with super skin tight jeans. From Victoria Beckham to Kendall Jenner, the message is – the skinner, the better.

Okay, let’s get this straight: Wearing skinny jeans is not the problem, it is what you do in it. Squatting, crouching or any other activity that restricts blood flow, over a prolonged period of time, is not advisable. But if hanging out with girlfriends, going to the mall and taking selfies is your thing, then yeah…put ’em sexy skinnies on and strut away.

So, the next time you find yourself standing in front of the mirror, sucking in your tummy and doing the wiggle dance to fit your way into a pair of ski tight denims, ask yourself: what are you doing today?

Oh and by the way…women are not the only fashion victims of skinny jeans. There is a booming trend of metro-sexual well-dressed men sporting tight fitting pants like Russell Brand and the Jonas Brothers. Restrictive wear in the groin area can cause twisted balls, bladder weakness and urinary tract infection. It also increases the overall body’s core temperature that causes other dreaded side effects like low sperm count and fungal infection. If you are a couple trying to conceive, store away your skinny jeans and opt for loose fitting pants instead.

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