12 Home Remedies to Soothe Eye Irritation

After my feature on The Truth Behind False Eyelashes, I decided to put together a list of simple natural home remedies to soothe irritated eyes. Do not ignore eye irritation symptoms. Unlike a kidney or liver, eyes are a non-transplantable organ. They are our organs of vision: delicate, sensitive and often neglected. The good news is: most are easily remedied.

Typical symptoms of eye irritation include redness, itchiness, blurred vision, puffy eyes, burning, eye pain, foreign object and spot, flashes and floaters. If you are experiencing the onset of any of the above symptoms, head for the kitchen and prepare these eye-soothing remedies.

1:Cold Compress
This is the simplest of all home remedies for irritated eyes. Slash cold water on eyes and face. Then, wrap a couple of ice cubes with a clean towel and place the towel on your closed eyelids. This helps for itchy, irritated eyes.

2: Potatoes
Take a raw potato, grate it and place the grated potato pieces on the infected eyelids. It works as an astringent to reduce swelling. You can even grate it finely into a poultice and place it over the eye for 15 minutes. Do this for 3 consecutive nights.

3: Honey
Mix equal parts of honey with boiled water to make an eyedrop solution. Soak a cotton ball into the honey solution, keep eyes open and squeeze a few drops into the infected eye. Use this solution to rinse the infected eye two or three times daily until the infection goes away. Alternatively, honey can also be applied to the eye without dilution. Place one or two drops of pure honey directly on your eye. The honey naturally collects and clumps onto any dirt, discharge or foreign micro-particles thus and eliminating all through natural tearing.

4: Baking Soda
Mix 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda with 1/2 cup of water to get a gentle eye wash solution. Submerge your eye into the solution, keep your eyelids open and roll your eyeball around all corners in the solution for 1 minute.

5: Sea Salt
Mix a teaspoon of sea salt with 1/2 cup of lukewarm water (so the salt can dissolve easily) to get a natural saline eye wash solution. Like how you would do with the baking soda solution (#4), submerge your eye into the sea salt solution, keep your eyelids open and roll your eyeball around all corners in the solution for 1 minute.

6: Apple Cider Vinegar
Mix a tablespoon of  apple cidar vinegar with a cup of water. Soak a cotton ball in this mixture and “wash” your eyes. Apple cidar vinegar contains malic acid which fights against bacterial infection.

7: Bag of Frozen Peas
Grab a bag of frozen peas from your freezer and wrap a thin clean towel over it. You should feel the icy cold air through the towel. Place this compress over closed eyes for about 10 minutes.

8: Castor Oil
Buy a new clean dropper from the pharmacist, wash it gently with soapy water and rinse well. Suck castor oil into the clean dropper and administer one drop of oil into each eye. Repeat this three times a day or as needed. Make sure you use 100% castor oil. It will ease your eye’s swelling and redness. Sounds scary? Fact: Most commercial eye drops contain castor oil.

9: Cold Bread
If you have conjunctivitis (also known as pink eye), place a slice of cold bread over the infected eyelids. This will help to reduce inflammation and itchiness.

10: Milk
Another great remedy for conjunctivitis is milk. For babies, the best is human breast milk. Using a clean plastic dropper, suck the breast milk and place a drop or two directly into the infant’s infected eye. It will eliminate the infection. For adults, if there is no human breast milk available, cow or goat’s milk is just as good. Milk is loaded with immunity boosting probiotics which works immediately on contact, eliminating pathogens at the source of the eye’s infection. Apply every hour or so to eliminate the infection quickly.

11: Used Tea Bags
Tea contains natural bioflavonoids that fight off bacterial and viral infections thereby reducing inflammation. Place a moist green or black tea bag on the closed infected eye for several minutes. Repeat several times a day. If the eye is swollen, soak the teabag in cold water. The tannic acid in the tea will sooth the itching. Don’t throw out the tea soaked water. This weakened tea solution may be used as a gentle eye wash.

12: Coriander Seeds
Boil a teaspoon of coriander seeds in a cup of water to make a natural eye wash solution.  Use this as an eyewash 3-4 times a day. This is an effective remedy for eye stye. Styes are contagious so make sure you do not reuse any used portion of this eye wash solution.

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