5 Guilt-Free Mooncakes to Sink Your Teeth Into

It’s mooncake season again!

Mooncakes are festive pastries available during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Traditional Cantonese mooncakes are round in shape with sweet and dense red bean or lotus seed paste filling; surrounded by a thin crust and may contain yolk from a salted duck egg. Traditional mooncakes have imprints on the top consisting of Chinese characters for ‘longevity‘ or ‘harmony‘, name of the bakery, and decorative symbols for the moon, flowers and vines.

These days, mooncakes have taken a life of its own. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors and flavors.

This year, interesting varieties include TWG’s Tea-Infused White Chocolate Mousse mooncake, Man Fu Yuan’s Pulot Hitam mooncake, The Regent Hotel’s Granny Smith Apple with Lemongrass Chocolate mooncake, Pine Garden’s Truffle Oil and Bacon mooncake and Bakerzin’s Yuzu Vodka Truffle mooncake.

There are also mooncakes made from organic ingredients, sugar-free, diary-free and egg-free that make this festive feasting guilt-free. Here are 5 healthier-choice mooncakes for 2013 that won’t threaten your waist line or your next health check.

5 Guilt-Free Mooncakes of 2013

#1: White Lotus with Black Seasme and Pandan Lotus with Salted Mung Bean mooncakes
Delcie Dessert’s no-egg, no-dairy, no-sugar mooncakes are weight-friendly, suitable for diabetics and vegans. The skin of their mooncakes is made with organic flour – a fact they do not advertise because mooncakes are only 20% skin and 80% filling. A box of 4 mooncakes cost S$68. Delcie’s Healthy Cake Bakery at 190 Middle Road, #01-28B, Fortune Centre, tel: 9789 2309.

Delcie’s diabetic friendly mooncakes

#2: Pineapple mooncake
Sunnyhill’s gourmet signature pineapple cakes are made from Japanese flour, New Zealand butter, organic pineapple and eggs. Cost range from S$13.80 (box of 5) to S$50 (box of 20). Sunnyhill at 328 North Bridge Road, #03-05, Raffles Hotel Arcade, tel: 8522 9605.

Sunnyhill’s pineapple cakes

#3: Original Ex-Crown Prince Flaky Teochew “Oor Nee” with Golden Pumpkin mooncake
This is Peony Jade’s signature mooncake since its launch in 2008. While it is rich in texture, you can indulge with guilt-free pleasure because it is more than 80% filled with Japanese pumpkin. Pumpkin is rich in carotene, folates, niacin, vitamin B-6, thiamin and more. S$33 (for 2) and S$55 (for 4). Peony Jade Restaurant, 3A River Valley Road, Merchant Court, tel: 6276 8327.

Peony Jade perennial favourite mooncake with single yolk

#4. Yogurt Pudding and Konnyaku Jelly mooncakes
Crystal Jade’s chilled selection of pudding and jelly mooncakes is likely a favorite for the younger generation who are not keen to sink their teeth into a traditional mooncake. There is a selection of 4 different flavors: Mixed Berries Yogurt mooncake Pudding, Mango Yogurt mooncake Pudding, Soursop Yogurt Pudding mooncake with Lychees, and Guava Yogurt Pudding mooncake with Aloe Vera. S$22 (box of 4). Available at most Crystal Jade outlets.

Crystal Jade’s selection of yogurt pudding and Konnayaku jelly mooncakes

#5. Organic Golden Sweet Potato with Flaky Pastry mooncake
For the first time this year, Feng Shui Inn is introducing this interesting twist recipe from the traditional Teochew mooncake made with purple yam filling. The use of organic Japanese sweet potato is a healthier-choice as it is lower in calories, fat and sugar content. S$88 (box of 8). Feng Shui Inn at Crockfords Tower, Level G2, Resorts World Sentosa, tel: 6577 6688.

Feng Shui Inn’s organic sweet potato mooncake with flaky pastry

Mooncake sales start now until 19 September. However, for special recipe mooncakes like those featured above, it is recommended to call in advance for your mooncake reservations.

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