Upcycled Crafts With Kids: Make Your Own Animal Safari

It’s school holidays & the kids are out to play! Running out of ideas to keep your kids busy and inspired? Looking for some bonding time? Try these cool upcycled craft ideas you can do with your kids. You don’t have to go anywhere to get materials, because you will find them around the house!

For kids ages 3 and up. Make your own animal safari craft collection. Clear the table, round up your kids and start crafting ♥

This giraffe is crafted out of cardboard tubes and giraffe-printed felt. You can buy pieces of felt at most craft and book scraping stores. Or, look for any animal print fabric at home and go creative!

Cardboard Tube Giraffe, Crafts by Amanda

Visit Amanda for instructions ♥  


If you have a triangle wooden box and some green-colored  paint, this is really cool to make – and keep. 

Alligator Keepsake Box, Kids Craft

Visit Kids Craft for instructions

Here is another animal to make with toilet-paper cardboard tubes.

Cow, DLTK Kids

Visit DLTK Kids for instructions ♥

Make plastic cup snakes and paint your own customized colors. All you need are plastic cups, string, a couple of sticker eyes and a toilet-paper roll.

Snake, Jellyfish Jelly

Visit Jellyfish Jelly for instructions  ♥

Go to the garden and collect some leaves! You can make very interesting leaf art animals like this very cute moose/dog. Once you have your animal design set, glue the leaves down and frame them up on the wall. They make beautiful home art decor.

Moose/Dog leaf art, Ko Ko Ko Kids

Visit Ko Ko Ko Kids for more ideas ♥

Animal puppets are big with kids! And with some brown paper bags, you can make lots of animal puppets. Check out this cute lion puppet from Martha Stewart. All you need are some brown paper bags and colored paper. That’s it!

Paper bag Lion Puppet, Martha Stewart

Visit Martha Stewart for instructions.

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