Egg White Mask

Occasionally, my mother will sleep over at my apartment. This weekend, she brought with her a little container of egg white, and said with a big smile, ‘My new mask‘. I peered down the container and saw a yellowish jelly-like liquid with specks of what looked like dead skin of some kind. ‘What is this?’ I said.

Egg white‘, she said ‘And its so good. I have enough for 3 rounds of facials here. You should try.’

So, what I thought looked like dead skin is actually the bits of blood tissue (I don’t know what it is called) that form naturally in an egg before it becomes a chick. We eat eggs all the time but it never crossed my mind that I could get a good facial treatment out of it.

Here is my mom with her egg white facial. And how she looks the next day.

My 62-year old beautiful & youthful looking mother!

Out of curiosity, I tried it for myself. I expected it to get messy applying slimy glob of egg white on my face. On the contrary, it felt like apply cool water. Not slimy at all.

Within a minute, I felt the egg white dry and my skin tighten. It felt cool to the touch. I had it on for about twenty minutes before the rinse off.

Rinsing the egg white mask off is not quite as easy as putting it on. If you plan to do the easy way of just splashing water, it is not good enough. The mask needs to be washed off with soap or a liquid face cleanser. Once dry, my face did feel fresh. My complexion clearer and much smoother. However, I still had that tight ‘pulling’ sensation. A thin layer of moisturizer is definitely needed after this treatment.

Interesting…and it only cost an egg.

* Eggs have a lot of protein and nutrients for nourishing the skin.
* Egg white draws oil from pores, resulting in the tightening of the skin and possible whitehead removal.

I read somewhere that you can add lemon juice to the egg white for a better cleansing effect. Or a teaspoon of honey for soothing and softening. Alternatively, for a better peel-off, soak square cotton pads in the egg white before applying throughout face.

This got me wondering that perhaps the next time I pack for a holiday, I can lessen the load and leave my masks at home. Instead, I might head to the omelette section at breakfast and ask for a couple of raw eggs.

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