Eco-Wrapped Gifts I Received This Christmas

This is my stash of Christmas presents, and the different variations of eco-wrapping:

  • Blank A5 white envelope, gift-tagged with a large colourful-printed heavy-weighted art paper taken off  the side of a folder
  • Reusable fancy sheer organza bag
  • Japanese matte rice-paper
  • Magazine pages folded and taped into pretty little pouches
  • Mail parcel bubble-wrapped envelope
  • Newspaper (Read Eco-Crafts: How to Wrap Your Gifts in Newspaper)
  • Old travel flight map

This flight map wrapping paper was wrapped in such a way that it showcased the Californian coast…interesting.

I have to admit…I did wrap some of my earlier gifts this year in shiny fancy Christmas presents. Especially ones for the kids. I mean, how do you explain to a 5 year-old girl that a black & white newspaper wrapped present sitting at the base of a Christmas tree, can be just as exciting as a present in pretty, shiny wrapping paper with flashy glitters?

Terribly eco-unfriendly (read 10 Green Ways to Wrap Gifts), I know.

In 2013, I am going 100% eco with my wrapping material.

I realised the trick in eco-gift wrapping is actually in the accessories!

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