Eco-Crafts: How to Wrap Your Gifts in Newspaper?

Since writing the 10 Green Ways to Wrap post, I decided to walk the talk. So here I am experimenting with newspaper as eco-wrapping paper.

Thing is…it looks easy. And it is. But, if you think you can just grab any paper, pull out any page and start wrapping, then you probably have to think it through again. Especially if you want to make your present look conceptually pretty.

After a couple of tries, I learnt that there is some technical pre-wrapping assessment to be made.

Depending on the type of gift and who the receiver is, it will determine the type of newspaper to use; and a certain kind of page. For my first go, I am wrapping a gift for my husband.

Flipping through the newspaper, there are pages to avoid: ads, negative headlines, obituaries and personality profile photos (I sure don’t want someone’s face, whom I don’t know don’t care about, on my gift!).

News pages with ads

News pages with negative headlines 

News pages with someone else’s profile photo 

I decided to go with the equity listing pages (stocks and mutual funds). It seems to achieve the look I want. The print is uniform and 1-color, which enhances any gift accessories like a ribbon, bow or gift tag.

With a blue ribbon, this is my 2012 Christmas gift eco-wrapped with newspaper. And the best part is…it is 100% recycleable.

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