Eco Crafts: How to Make Beautiful Crafts Using Old Books?

Have you ever stood in front of your bookshelf, and wondered what you are going to do with all the books you’ve read, kept with no intention to re-read again?

Let’s face it, most non-fiction novels are just worth reading once. Maybe twice. But that’s it.

For situations like this, I normally find time to box up the books and make a trip down to the nearest Salvation Army donation bin. With the new found space I have created on my bookshelf, it takes about another six months to fill it up again with a new collection of novels. And the cycle continues. Its a cyclical affair with me.

I started to wonder about eco-crafts I can do with my book collection. Here are some inspiring and practical DIY eco-crafts one can do with your old expired book collection. All you need is a book. Only this time, it is not to read.

DIY Old Book Project #1: Rose Wreath
Make a gorgeous rose wreath with old book pages! You just got to learn how to make one rose bud from a page, and multiply it many times over. You can also make the same rose bud and  use it as a gift wrapping accessory. Eco-crafter, Stephanie Lynn, shows you how to cut pages from an old unwanted book, and secure the roses with hot glue onto a wreath frame. Go to Stephanie’s tutorial here.

DIY Old Book Project #2: Whimsical Paper Garlands
Whether it is for your wedding, home or birthday decoration, Katherine Chong, on her DIY Project Weddings site, show you how to achieve a vintage whimsical look with these beautifully self-made paper garlands.

DIY Old Book Project #3: Book Bag
Don’t throw away your book covers! There’s a way that you can wear them as a fashion accessory. Country Living shows a step-by-step tutorial on how you can take an old book and totally transform it into a little tote bag.


DIY Old Book Project #4: Book Photo Frame
Here is another creative use of old book covers! Paper & Stitch gives easy detailed instructions on how easy it is to make a photo frame out of your old favorite book cover. That’s what I call a picture with two stories.

DIY Old Book Project #5: Book Planter

This is ingenious! Never had I thought you could make a planter out of a book. Apparently, you can. And Russell Brown is ready to show you how.

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