The Truth Behind False Eyelashes

Falsies, or fake eyelashes, is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to big, beautiful eyes. Every beauty fashionista knows she is only a pinch of glue away from having one-of-the-most desired human physical feature: ultra-feminine, large and sexy eyes.

After all, eyes are windows of the soul.

There is no doubt that falsies, encompassing both fake eyelashes and fake eyelash extensions, instantly add dimension and dazzle to your eyes. But the truth is, they can also add unnecessary discomfort and potential eye damage. Irritation, allergic reaction and natural lash damage are the 3 most common side effects from fake eyelashes and extensions use.

If lash damage alone is not bad enough to your natural lashes, any form of eye irritation and allergic reaction can carry the risk of blindness. For natural solutions to eye irritation, read 12 Home Remedies to Soothe Eye Irritation.

Risks of wearing false eyelashes

#1: Traps Dirt
Natural eyelashes act as a natural barrier and protection for your eyes by preventing dirt, dust, foreign particles, sweat and bacteria from entering. Fake eyelashes not only traps, but tend to hold on to anything that it comes in contact with. These trapped harmful particles can cause irritation to the eyes and eyelids; which can potentially lead to blindness if not properly treated.

#2: Allergic Reaction
While fake eyelashes have nothing to do with the eyes, it is the chemicals in the adhesive used to attach the fakes on the lash line that is potentially harmful. If not properly handled, the glue can get into the eyes and cause a whole host of problems from cornea infection, inflammation, irritation and alternation to the eyes. This, in turn, will have implications on your eye’s sighting abilities.

To make matters worse, if the irritation is left untreated (particularly from the continual wear of falsies), eye inflammation can become a chronic disorder. Even after the causative agent is removed. A condition you may have to live with for the rest of time.

#3: Damage to Natural Lashes
There are several ways to damage your delicate natural lashes. Frequent wearing of fake eyelashes tend to thin out natural lashes from the daily stripping and removing of chemical adhesive along the lash line. This pressure of fixing and stripping of fake lashes can also cause damage to the hair follicles of the eyelids. Combined with the strong chemical adhesive used to fix on the lash line, it can make natural eyelashes brittle, sparse and fall off easily; resulting in slower hair growth or even stopping hair growth permanently.

#4: Impaired Vision
I experienced this with my first (and only) pair of eyelash extensions. If you are not used to to having a thick and heavy strip of long lashes hovering over your lids, suddenly opting for an eyelash extension will take some getting used to. It felt like having a permanent umbrella over my eyes, shadowing over the top half of my entire vision. Regular daily activities like crossing a road or chopping veggies meant I had to open my eyes wider to ‘increase’ my scope of vision. It sounds funny now, but at the time, my falsies were more of a hassle than a beauty extension.

So what do you do if you still want your eyes to pop with falsies?

1. Wear on special occasions only
2. Choose false eyelashes over eyelash extensions (it’s better of the two evils!)
3. Do not use excessive glue or adhesive
4. Replace your synthetic falsies with real hair fibers
5. Avoid eyelashes with glitter and other elements

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